Shoppers spending more this year in the Village

Posted on December 22nd, 2011 by Sara

Greg Carnese of Leroux chats with customer Jim Harkins. Harkins has spent more on the holidays this year than he did last year. Photo: Steve Smalley

Story by Steve Smalley
The holiday shopping season winds down, but enthusiasm in the Village is up as the final few days until Christmas approach.
The Magnolia Voice spent a few minutes with businesses and customers taking a few temperatures to find out how the season is fairing.
Anna Beard, owner of the Upper Crust Bakery said business is picking up. ?It?s going like gang-busters for me. Everybody?s ordering the holiday items. We have extra cookies and pies. We do all kinds of stuff at Christmas, not just one thing.?
Over at Leroux Fine Apparel, owner Alex Smith was positive as well.
?It?s much better than last year,? she volunteered. ?People are buying. Last year they cut back.?
?The economy touches everybody in some way. We?re thankful for our loyal customers,? she continued. ?Saturday will have a little rush. Then people leave town. Overall, people are aware of the need to support local businesses. We?re grateful for that.? Smith has owned Leroux for 28 years.
Jim Harkins, a Magnolia resident and Leroux customer was upbeat as well, spending a little more this year than last.
?I come in here every Christmas and shop for my wife. I make it a point to support the local guys.?
Turn the corner and find he stylists at Laurie?s Village Salon hard at work grooming their customers.
?It?s steady and busy as always,? said Jacquie LeClech, with scissors and a bit of hair in-hand. ?Business is strong. We get new clients as people move to the Magnolia area. I already have half of Saturday booked, with more last minute requests expected.?
Laurel Anderson, a Village shopper, confessed to spending more this year than last. Her first year in Magnolia found her supporting the locals as she always does.
?That?s real important,? Anderson said.

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  1. Snarkbark says:

    This makes me want to “don my gay apparel”…..

  2. Karobinson9366 says:

    I wish that the voice would post all the coments from the local business here in magnolia. I guess just the ones on the “main” street count. Too bad……

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