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Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Sara


Manny is a 2-year-old, pit bull terrier that loves people. When he was at the shelter, he loved everyone he met there. And now that he?s in a foster home, there’s nothing he likes better than snuggling up to his foster mom or dad and getting petted!
Manny has excellent house manners, he doesn?t bark or chew (except for his toys) and he is housebroken (even when his foster parents are gone all day at work). He sleeps nicely in his crate, though he?s trustworthy outside of his crate, too.


Manny has good leash manners and rides nicely in cars, even waiting quietly while his foster mom does an errand. Manny is a real fast learner, especially if treats are involved. He learned ?sit,? ?down? and ?come? in no time. He’d love to keep learning new tricks, and would do well taking some classes. When it comes to play time, Manny?s great love is balls! He likes to chew em’ and chase em’, and it seems that he could do this all day long. He recently had ACL surgery, and the vet says he?ll be good as new once his knee heals. Everyone at the vet’s office loved Manny, and they couldn’t believe he hadn’t found his forever home yet.

Manny shares his foster home with a dog and a cat. Although he thinks it would be really fun to chase the cat, he?s learning that he?s not allowed to. He could live with a compatible dog, but he’d be happy as an only dog, too. If you don?t have experience with this breed, there are many excellent resources available on the Internet, including Pit Bull Rescue Central and BadRap. Note that these breeds do best as an only dog or with a compatible dog of the opposite sex.

Manny (SAS ID # 11-11645) is living the good life in a Seattle Animal Shelter foster home ? but he really wants to find his forever home. If you would like to meet him, download a Dog Adoption Application.?Send your completed application to the Shelter?s Adoption Review team or fax it to (206) 386-4285. You may also pick up/drop off the application at the Seattle Animal Shelter,?2061-15th Ave. W.?(1 mile south of the BallardBridge). The shelter is open Wednesday-Sunday from noon-6:00 pm, and closed on holidays.

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  7. Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful dogs.

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