Car prowler spotted

Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Sara

An alert reader reported the following this aftnernoon:

While leaving home at 5:30 p.m. tonight, we spotted a stocky
built man (probably in late 20s-mid 30s dark complected with a black
backpack) attempting to find an unlocked door on multiple cars
parked along the west side of West Government Way. Perhaps he’s
looking for one unlocked vehicle to either steal the contents or the
car itself or a place to sleep? Please be alert and report him to SPD
if you spot him.

If you see any suspicious people in your neighborhood whose actions have the appearance of criminal intent, don’t hesitate to call 911. If the matter appears less urgent, if it is a nuisance, if suspects are not in the immediate area or you have questions about something suspicious going on in the neighborhood, call the non-emergency line at ?206-625-5011.

7 responses to “Car prowler spotted”

  1. Mr. Emerson says:

    Did you call the police or stop him?

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  3. 安吉地图 says:


  4. ????? says:

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  5. 意大利国花 says:

    今天辛卯年(兔)冬月初六 2011-11-30过来就为了看这篇,r9xn9t评论还要审核

  6. gogomyshop says:

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  7. magmom36 says:

    My phone chargers and spare change were stolen out of my car.? We live on 36th

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