Pumpkin decoration event, a smash

Posted on October 28th, 2011 by Sara

How do I look, mom?

Do I want to eat, play soccer or football? I guess I’ll do it all.
Such difficult decisions a soccer player must make.
This little one is ready to ride.
The princess at the party.

More than 125 people showed up to this morning’s “Lil’ Spooky Things” pumpkin decorating event held at the Magnolia Community Center. The event was designed for children 4 and younger, and allowed them to decorate pumpkins, play games and jump in a bounce house. There were snacks and juice available, too.

The party drew all sorts of creatures from frogs, princesses, football players, puppies, cute bugs. And there were some kids there, too. 🙂

Nice job. All photos courtesy of the Magnolia Community Center.

49 responses to “Pumpkin decoration event, a smash”

  1. KML says:

    Thanks for a great event!

  2. Sarah Oldershaw says:

    I miss you Magnolia!

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    I think the photos are perhaps from the Magnolia Community CENTER, not the club… just guessing.

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