Magnolia Fall Fest starts Friday afternoon

Posted on September 29th, 2011 by Sara

King Poppy, the Magical Cat: Mardi Gras Festivities by Frances Popstojanovic. Photo courtesy of Frances Popstojanovic

Live music, shopping, art, food and maybe a harvest moon will be waiting for attendees of The First Annual Magnolia Fall Fest which takes place from 6-8 p.m., Friday in the Village along West McGraw Street and neighboring side streets.

Twenty-two stores will be transformed into art galleries and snack bars and music venues at the evening?s event. Below is a list of the shops and what each will be doing.

  • Cocoa & Cream ? the work of budding young artists from the Magnolia Co-op Preschool.? Enter to win a Mt. Jasper Sundae, our newest and biggest ice cream masterpiece.
  • Dish It Up! ? The art of the kitchen!
  • Magnolia Garden Center ? Art by Christine Jameson. There will be refreshments and a strolling musician. Last day of pottery sale!
  • Magnolia’s Bookstore ? Local author Sam Verhovek will be here from 6 to 7 p.m. to sign the newly released paperback edition of his book, Jet Age: The Comet, the 707, and the Race to Shrink the World.
  • Magnolia Travel & Cruise ? Art by Eunice Smith.
  • Magnolia Village Pub ? Live music from the pop band Stroppy. Food and drink specials.
  • NW Hand Foot & Nail Therapy ? Artist Kathy Streeter’s watercolors & Desi Designs jewelry (proceeds benefit esophageal cancer research).?Serving wine and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Peoples Bank ? Artwork by Magnolia artist, Beni O’Donnell and adult refreshments.
  • Queen Margherita?? work of local artist Patty Christie.
  • Serendipity Cafe ? Art and music of David Harrison.
  • Starbucks Coffee ? Live music, art and tasty samples of coffee and treats.
  • Szmania’s ? $5 Wild Blackberry Mojitos, specials appetizers. Live guitar music by Grant Guiley and artwork by Michelle Harps.
  • PJ’s Paws and Claws ? Art by Angie Ketelhut. Ten percent of sales will go to the Help the Animals Fund. Great Life pet food will answer questions and share free samples, raffle for prizes and store points.
  • Umpqua Bank ? Live music, tasty treats and a chance to come visit the staff at Magnolia’s newest bank.
  • Upper Crust Bakery ? Aritists’ reception featuring photography by Heather Roskelley. New fall offerings in the bakery.
  • Vixen Day Spa & Boutique ? Art by Magnolia artist, Frances Popstojanovic. The jewelry of Judy Milton, her affordable pieces are just stunning. Come have a sip & see our store makeover!
  • Wheeler Street Kitchen ? Art, drinks, food.

8 responses to “Magnolia Fall Fest starts Friday afternoon”

  1. Tim Sale says:

    I wish you guys announced this stuff a little earlier. I’ve already made plans for Friday night. I would have come to this had I known about it.

  2. Not a Cool Kid says:

    Who is in charge of this Festival? Why has the community not be notified until the day before? Why are there only a choosen few allowed to participate? Strange how not all the merchants in the Magnolia Village were? notified or included.? I asked some merchants in the village about this and they had no clue what I was talking about.? I guess this is a cool kids only type of thing.

  3. cookie says:

    What would be the best way to notify you of Village events?

    • lost in magnolia events says:

      Maybe send out flyer’s, postcard, a banner, or any other form of mas media notification,? general advertising. What about the people who don’t use the magnolia voice? This sounds like a great? thing for the Magnolia Community but giving us a one day notice is ludicrous! If we had more time to know about these types of things maybe we can plan to go to them. You would get a better turnout.

      • Maggarcen says:

        Signs have been up in all the stores and flyers for 3 weeks. The Voice was notified then as was Mag News. They chose to mention it this week.

  4. Sandy says:

    Magnolia United Church of Christ, 3555 W. McGraw Street, (one block West of Bank of America) will also be?participating in the Fall Fest. Its new Narthex Gallery will open for the first time. The colorful world of artist Patti?
    Bezzo* will fill the space. Music will be provided by?
    singer/songwriter Cynthia Marie – from local band,?
    Golden Tree Story. Please stop by and enjoy some?
    time with beautiful art and music. You may just be inspired!?

    *Patti Bezzo is fascinated with landscapes. With texture, color and intricate detail she explores a variety of landscapes from urban to rural to wilderness. Many are based near her home in NE Seattle, others are places in?
    other parts of the world. Her acrylic pointillism brings life, depth and vitality to each piece.

  5. Steve says:

    As the only true art gallery in Magnolia Village for the last 39 years, we were amazed at not being ask to participate or even informed, about this event. We contacted the Chamber of Commerce, which we have been a member of for 39 years, and they stated that they knew nothing about it. It also was not mentioned on the Chamber website.

    The only thing I have been told is it is being put on by a “group” inside the Chamber of Commerce, so I am guessing we (Chamber members) have to be part of an inside group to be considered.

    The Porcelain Gallery will be participating on our own tonight and will be featuring the hand-made Native American Style Flutes by Flowing Water Flutes (www.flowingwaterflutes) created by artist Steve Lundh.

    Pleased stop by, take a look and try one out.

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