Medical Marijuana in Magnolia

Posted on August 31st, 2011 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Seattle?s Best Alternative Care, Magnolia?s new cannabis dispensary at 2820 Thorndyke Ave. West, has completed its fourth month of operations with improvements to the building, and an extended selection of medicinal marijuana, previously unseen.  Here is an update to our previous story.

Along with added video surveillance, air conditioning, and leather couches, the formerly empty display case in a back room now contains an assortment of cannabis buds and cannabis infused food items both referred to as ?meds? by the owner, Maria Mendoza.

Magnolia Voice was granted access to view the medical marijuana which is stored inside numerous Mason jars.  Photographs of the room were not allowed.  With labels displaying names such as Jack Frost, Sour Diesel, and Purple Nice Guy, there are jars of medicinal cannabis sold by the gram.

There are changes on the outside as well including the large SBAC printed on the glass door.  This gives no hint to the nature of the  business inside,  a promise Mendoza made and has kept since she opened the dispensary.

SBAC allows patients to purchase the medicinal marijuana only if they possess cards issued by authorized physicians. No off-the-street sales of the drug is permitted.  There is no marijuana or cash kept on the premises overnight.

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  1. Ben Jammin says:

    Our medical marijuana laws give idiot greedheads like Mendoza free reign to sell pot to any clown who is willing to go to a quack doctor and BUY a prescription as was outlined in a recent Seattle Times article.

    The pot they acquire is exclusively from other ?authorization card? holders as there is not a legal provision to actually grow to provide to stores?? Dispensaries pay cash for their pot and sell it for cash and don?t report 90% of their income.? If Mendoza says otherwise, I’ll bet her her store that if she lets me come in and do her books and view all sales, that it will confirm I am correct.

    Furthermore, these dispensaries have no idea what?s in the pot they buy and throw the word organic around like its candy?? It’s dangerous
    when you don?t know what?s in your pot.

    Medical marijuana is a scam.? We know it.? They know it.? Stoners know it and cops know it.? The world knows it.? Dispensaries are not even legal under Washington State law?they?re just tolerated by the City of
    Seattle and that’s why there are always so many problems, arrests, robberies and arguments etc with medical marijuana.

    Should adults be able to smoke pot if they want without being hassled or arrested or even cited?? Of course.? Most sensible people support this simple concept of freedom.? But playing the medical marijuana game to
    smoke in peace is offensive.? It’s offensive to me, its offensive to the police, conservatives and liberals…but most importantly it is offensive to the few patients that have a real condition that is helped with their MM who find the law that gives them relief is being abused as a money-grubbing front for a bunch of greedheads seeking to profit off the loophole while helping every stoner in town become chronically ill and in need of pot?

    Which brings me to I-502 ( This initiative legalizes possession of up to an ounce by all people over 21.? What
    would this do to the bull-pucky medical marijuana community?? It would pretty much get rid of all those quack doctors because 90% of all card holders wouldn?t need to pay a doctor to buy pot?they could go the store!?
    Dispensaries would mostly shut down except to cater to the real medical
    marijuana patients.

    The state would have their own ?authorized? stores that actually sell pot that is licensed, regulated and taxed.? Tax money would go to a myriad of good uses from drug abuse prevention programs for youth to supporting
    Basic Health Washington.

    So guess who?s been railing against I-502?? Yup, you got it?places like Seattle?s Best Alternative Care and other dispensary owners who will be put out of business if it’s legalized.

    Let?s get rid of fake doctors and profiteering dispensaries and make the whole thing safe, legal and taxed.

    • Perez Joseph S says:

      it is good that you want to legalize pot but you should not condemn medical pot to advance your interest because you do not need to.?? if people want?legal pot then it will be legal not because you do not like medical pot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post. And to Mr. Perez, if you read Ben’s post carefully he does not “condemn medical pot”, but rather the scammers using medical pot as a front.

  2. FrequentPoster says:

    The woman is a drug dealer. It’s outrageous that this operation is allowed to exist. Once administrations change in Olympia and/or Washington after next year’s elections, I hope it will be shut down.

  3. Free Jerry Laberdee says:

    I’m glad to have this business in our community.?Washington voters approved medical marijuana way back in 1998. The sick and dying shouldn’t have to buy marijuana off the street. Zero deaths occur from marijuana each year. You can’t say that about booze or pills.?Anyone who is against marijuana unfortunately has based their beliefs off lies.

    • Ben Jammin says:

      The sick and dying should not have to buy ?pot on the street but all you need to do is watch who is going in and out of these?dispensaries and you’ll see they are 95% healthy (and mostly young) people…?

      • Matt Mernagh says:

        i don’t think u should judge another persons pain or illness. many people have hidden disabilities. possibly medical marijuana is making them so functional they look healthy to you. plenty of young people have been prescribed medications like ritalin or ssri…

    • Czb29 says:

      Zero deaths occur from marijuana each year? So nobody impaired from marijuana use ever crashes their car and dies or kills?as a result? Ever?

  4. Marijuana Abuse says:

    White, Hispanic, Native American and mixed-race teenagers have higher rates of substance?use?and?abuse?than African American and Asian teens according to a new study in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

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