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Magnolia bridge vandalism


A Magnolia Voice reader took these photos of damage done by vandals at the top of the Magnolia Bridge.  The ?Welcome to Magnolia? sign and  a utility box and the concrete barriers along the bridge were all tagged.  A ?Do Not Enter? sign was broken off and knocked to the ground.


The damage has been reported to the City of Seattle.   Our reader says:  The graffiti tagging is an ongoing, irritating problem in Magnolia and Interbay. And while the city does a great job of quickly painting over tags that are reported, that doesn’t slow down the tagging. Some taggers even say they appreciate getting a new "clean canvas" where they can tag again. Do taggers ever get caught? The news media never reports that taggers were caught or prosecuted.

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  1. “Some taggers even say they appreciate getting a new “clean canvas” where they can tag again. Do taggers ever get caught?”
    This might be true but, are you quoting multiple taggers you’ve interviewed or just assuming that it’s likely true? If you’ve talked with these jerks, perhaps you’d be good enough to include some insights from those interviews in any future article?

    1. The comment that some taggers like a “clean canvas” for new “art” was on a local radio interview of taggers a few months ago.

  2. Yeah, I saw a new “tag” on a stop sign near my house this morning.? Makes me wish the City would declare open season on taggers and let citizens start thinning the herd.

  3. Showing the actual tag is not the best way to stop this.. Most of them want to be “seen” and recognized.. If you want to see some of the worst offenders look at the once gorgeous mural under the Aurora Bridge on Bridgeway or the hotel at 42nd and Aurora..

    The NY broken window theory has shown how graffiti leads to crime so I am not sure why the city is letting this get so out of hand.

  4. Here’s an idea: A reward for information leading to the arrest of a tagger. Make it something of interest to high school kids, like free videogames.

  5. If anyone would be interested I might start a donation site where magnolia residents can place a small donation towards rewards offered for info lead. To the capture of these ‘taggers’.
    Any size donation would help, and like someone else posted we could offer items attractable to youths etc.
    Post if you think this might work and I will happily get the ball rolling

    1. I’d be happy to donate. Please see my comment below. I really think money would be the wrong way to go. The taggers are almost certainly high school kids, so I think something they like — videogames, a new cellphone, an iPod, or maybe an iPad — would do it.

  6. Sounds like to me if you want to catch these guys you should set up video cameras to catch them in the act. I think they can be purchased & operated for not too much $. It would just take the cooperation of the houses (mounting the cameras near/on) that are near the obvious signs that get tagged over & over again to make it work.

    1. I don’t think that would work. The taggers would figure out where the cameras are and tag elsewhere.

  7. I left a voice message with SPD late Friday asking what their experience is with cameras and rewards. Haven’t heard back. I’m in if rewards or cameras work to catch/convict taggers, but I want to hear what others have tried. Where’s the voice of experience from Magnolia Community Club, Magnolia Chamber, for this ages old problem?

    1. Also might be worthwhile to ask the SPD what happens if the misunderstood young artists are tracked down and convicted. Maybe the thing to do is see if some of us in Magnolia can get together amongst ourselves, and have a sit-down with the police and the city attorney.

  8. ballard was also hit last night. my business kiss cafe and me and moms were tagged by some group called mim? as i have also seen their tags in magnolia and interbay. its a shame they are not more creative.
    if anyone has any information let us know.

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