New bank with a twist opening in Village

Posted on August 25th, 2011 by Sara

by Reporter Steven Smalley

The new bank in the Magnolia Village (in the former home of Hollywood Video next to Bartell Drugs) at 2236 32nd Ave West is getting ready to welcome customers. 

Portland-based Umpqua Bank opens its doors to the public August 31 but not before some promotional efforts around the Village.  Don?t know if everyone got one but there were flowers on doorsteps in our neighborhood  from Umpqua last night.

Umpqua prides itself on offering amenities you don?t see in traditional banks. Starting with print-reducing video monitors showcasing product information, financial tools, and community events, the lobby also features a video screen that spells out volunteer efforts by employees who are given 40-hours per year by the bank to spend in service to the community. 

There is a Computer iCafe with internet access where you can surf and hang out and local companies are spotlighted inside the bank each quarter.  Of course, they also do regular bank stuff, like home loans and checking accounts.

In the lobby of each Umpqua branch there is a phone where you can press one button and call the bank president in his office. Magnolia Voice took them up on the offer and got a nice person on the other end who said the president was out, but would take a message for him. Can?t say we didn?t try.

Bank manager Alexis Atkins says Umpqua is, ?Different from any bank I?ve worked with,? and calls it more of a meeting place for customers than a traditional bank. She goes on to explain how the entire staff is trained by the Ritz Carlton organization, known world-wide for their exceptional customer service. 

The public is invited to Umpqua?s Back-to-School Extravaganza on September 6 from  9a.m.? 6p.m. at their Magnolia Village location.

7 responses to “New bank with a twist opening in Village”

  1. MagNate says:

    No thanks. Friends don’t let friends go to commercial banks.

  2. Umpqua Convert says:

    Stoked for this bank’s arrival. I’m sick of paying Chase for the “free” checking I signed up for so long ago. It’s refreshing to have a different approach. And when is the last time your bank gave YOU something, rather than you giving them money, in addition to banking with them? We enjoyed getting our rosemary plant and getting a smile and a handshake. Something tells me that’s what banking might have been like back in the day…personable.

  3. ??? says:

    I had a rosemary plant appear on my front door, is that where it came from???

    • Bootsie says:

      So did I……would like to know; hate to be suspicious but I wouldn’t eat something left anonymously at my door.? Anyone know for sure?

    • Bootsie says:

      I verified that the rosemary & lavender plants left on doorsteps last week did come from Umpqua? Bank.

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