Car show under sunny skies

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by Sara

Thanks to Magnolia Voice reporter Steven Smalley for this story and photos!

Eric Berge says his grandmother would, ?Get sick,? if she knew what he did to her 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury. Tricked out to drag race the quarter mile in a flash, ?grandma?s car? was just one of the cars at the Magnolia Village Car Show, with almost 80 vehicles in attendance.

This is the fourth year Berge has produced this well attended event he calls ?the happiest car show I?ve ever seen.?

Berge, owner of Werner?s Crash Shop on Queen Anne, likes the fact there are no awards or judging of these obvious show rides. It?s a relaxing atmosphere where everyone seems to enjoy themselves he says.

One of the cars getting special attention was not old at all. The all-electric 4th generation Tesla Roadster 2.5 was parked in front of the 76 gas station, ironically enough, with many attendees stopping to gander at this $150,000 marvel.

With almost 7,000 batteries, this Palo Alto, Calif. manufactured sports car costs $4.00 to ?fill up? at your home and can travel 245 miles on one charge. The Panasonic lithium-ion batteries have both a heating and cooling system to keep them working at their optimum.   ?We?re trying to reach a mass market? said Lance Merkin, a new market developer. More then 100 were sold here in Seattle at their shop at Westlake and Republican.  Top speed of the Tesla is 228 mph, but is controlled by a governor to go no more than 125 mph.

Among the other notables was an orange 1939 custom Chevy that took first place in Reno among 6,000 cars.

Eric Berge called the Magnolia car show, ?A reunion of sorts,? with lots of happy folks ogling lots of cool cars.

In case you’re wondering, Magnolia’s farmer’s market went on as usual adjacent to the car show. It all made for a busy Saturday in the Village.

5 responses to “Car show under sunny skies”

  1. A1bergstrom says:

    Great Car show. One time of the year all the young guys show off the cars their rich parents bought them or paid for in Magnolia!

    • Billybibbet says:

      I find that snarky comment amusing, and uninformed.? While admiring the cars, it was quite obvious the owners average age was around 65! lol? I also noticed that many of the owners were NOT from Magnolia.

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you for a great car show in Magnolia! Love the fact that we have a lot of car enthusiasts in this neighborhood and how well this show was received! To all those who made this possible and hopefully another return next year, THANK YOU!


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