Szmania?s in the news

Posted on June 29th, 2011 by Sara

The change to steak house for long time Magnolia restaurant Szmania?s that we told you about earlier this month is featured in the food section of the Seattle Times today.  You can check out the article here.

(Disclosure: Szmania’s is a sponsor of MagnoliaVoice)

2 responses to “Szmania?s in the news”

  1. Snarkbark says:

    Thank you Szmania’s for helping to sponsor MagnoliaVoice. Hope your new menu is a huge success!!!!

  2. HungryinMagnolia says:

    Interersting article in the Seattle Times with candid but nonetheless upbeat comments from Mr. Szmania about increased competition.? The restaurant business is a tough one and you really need to know what you’re doing to stay in business more than 20 years.? Good luck, Szmania’s!

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