Uptown Espresso promises to win over Tully?s customers

Posted on June 27th, 2011 by Sara

Thanks to contributor Steven Smalley for this story.

As we first reported last week, long time Magnolia coffee shop Tully?s is going to be replaced by Uptown Espresso on August 1.

Uptown Espresso c0-owners Peter Noble and Dow Lucurell are both Magnolia residents who say the love the neighborhood.  This will be the ninth Uptown Espresso location in the Puget Sound area.  

Uptown Espresso has been in business for over 30 years and its one of the original coffee shops in Seattle.  They say people will find a great product, great people and a well known brand and they stress that they are not a corporate chain.

Noble says it?s safe to assume the decor will be similar to their other stores with a comfortable, lived in, slightly funky look.  They try to reflect the area where they operate in each location.

Noble says they will do everything they can to make Tully?s loyal customers regulars at Uptown.  He has heard that the customers love the fireplace in the current space and says that the design is still up in the air  as they put together their plans.

Uptown Espresso will offer pastries, breads, scones and pies and they are considering adding sandwiches.  They bake at one location that provides items to all their stores. The coffee beans are a proprietary roast from Fonte who also roasts for the Four Seasons Hotel.  Uptown Espresso is known for the way they steam milk and finish their drinks with their Velvet Foam.

10 responses to “Uptown Espresso promises to win over Tully?s customers”

  1. I like the fact that it is a smaller local company going in there. ?I do enjoy Tullys coffe(way better than SB across the street) ?I hope Serendipity doesn’t get affected by this change. ?The have wonderful coffee. ?Congrats Dow

  2. Vicky Tamaru says:

    Please stay open later than the rest of our snoozy little Village.? We’re a family of night owls with nowhere to go!

  3. Jake Randolph says:

    You had us at hello, Uptown.

  4. Mike D. says:

    Please keep the staff too. No reason to start over when you already have fast, friendly baristas that everyone likes.

  5. Snarkbark says:

    Can hardly wait to see if I can adopt Uptown or have to drive to the nearest remaining Tully’s. TarYuck will NEVER see one penny from me.

  6. mickey says:

    Not sure that stat about them being in business for over 30 years is correct. I distinctly remember the first Uptown Espresso (at the lower QA location) opening in 1986. It was opened by the original owners, Jack and Phil.

  7. ?thanks for your nice post

  8. ?thanks for your nice post

  9. JessMacInter says:

    Hooooooray! Uptown has wonderful coffee and the Noble family is as nice as can be. I am sure they will do all they can to make the Magnolia community feel welcome in thier coffee shop!

  10. Guest says:

    Does anyone know the actual opening date. ?Was in the village yesterday & they werent open yet, they didnt even have furniture.

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