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Input needed for Magnolia Manor Park


The three proposed designs for  Magnolia Manor Park are waiting for public input before a final decision is made on the park. 

The designs are a result of public feedback at a design workshop, survey results and written comment.  You can check them out online and comment on your  favorite completed design or make suggestions of your own. Comments will be taken through Monday, May 16.  Here are the three options:

Option A

Option B

Option C

You can provide your input here.  The designs include a dog off-leash area (OLA) and various park elements including P-patches, walking paths, areas for informal play, viewpoints and a new landscape.  This will be the first time Magnolia will have an OLA or its own P-patch.

The final design will be presented for final comments at a public meeting June 8th  at 7p.m. at Magnolia Presbyterian Church, at 28th and Dravus Street.

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  1. Why on earth does Magnolia need yet another playground for small children? There are so many of these already – including at least 3 within short walking distance of this park.

    P-Patch seems like a nice idea, but they tend to be really ugly, particularly in the winter. I hope it gets hidden away a bit.

    I like the idea of big open natural spaces, with some art and maybe a water feature. Option A looks like the best so far!

    1. We do have lots of playgrounds for kids but that is one of the things I love about magnolia- the ability to walk to a park with my child. This park would make that possible as the others are too far to not drive or bike (biking is HARD with an older child up the hills btw) I don’t have a dog, but like the off-leash parks so dog owners feel welcomed in the public spaces. I think it benefits us to have parks that are multi-use and I don’t want to spend money on art when I have natural beauty in the views. I also don’t like the idea of the p-patches in the area best suited for east side views. I think option C makes the best use of space.

    2. Thank you!! (re: ANOTHER play ground!) There are literally TWO other playgrounds half a block down the hill from this! Including more further down on 28th!!

      We also already have a P-Patch right down the hill on 15th Avenue!

      This space was researched and designated to be the best for an open space for DOGS! please keep it as it was intended!!

  2. While I understand the desires to build more community and have other features included in this space. I am standing firm behind the fact that this open space has been designated for years as a potential space for an off-leash dog area. We do not have a lot of spaces designated strictly for this purpose and the ones that do, unfortunately have some bad raps due to lack of space, etc. LETS NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE HERE!

    I would like to see open space along with open space designated for dogs. Magnolia has plenty of existing playgrounds and parks for children already, along with a P-Patch just down the hill in Interbay. Let’s create something original and new, something we need, an open space for our animals.

    We need to have adequate space to ensure all dogs and their owners and visitors feel welcome and comfortable. We all know that some of our dogs are more excited than others and to cram them all into a small enclosed space is not helpful to anyone. This space is ideal for this and I believe is why it was designated as so in the first place.

    Let’s not turn around now on the almost 10 years that we have been waiting for this space to be officially designated.

  3. Tell you what, if the drainage at this Magnolia Manor park is good, then let’s have this be the park and playground for kids. The playground equipment at Ella Bailey Park (behind the old Magnolia School) could be reinstalled at Magnolia Manor, and Ella Bailey can be an off-leash dog area. The drainage there is horrible, and the swampy open space seems better-suited for dogs.

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  5. We desperately need a dog park in Magnolia.??There is a nice P-Patch in?Interbay.??It would be such a shame to reallocate space designated for a healthy dog park to a P-Patch or another playground for children.??There is literally no where?for dogs to?play off leash and exercise, this is such a shame….? Not to mention, there are hardly any public trash bins available for dog waste.? Let’s be considerate to?our pet dogs, they deserve a place to play freely, as well!?

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