Highliner shuts down

Posted on April 28th, 2011 by Sara

A Fishermen?s Terminal institution has apparently closed.  We got this note from Shawn:

Yikes, an old haunt of mine from years back looks like it has shut the doors for good. The Highliner Alehouse at Fishermen?s Terminal. There is a sign that says the Port shut them down and it looks through the window like they left in a hurry. Pots and foodstuff strewn about. I couldn?t find any other info about it. I emailed their contact address on the website: highlinerpub@hotmail.com. No response yet. Sad. Was a nice out of the way place.

We called the Highliner phone number and there was no answer and no answering machine.  The website is still up but looks like it has not been updated for awhile.  Anybody know what happened?

5 responses to “Highliner shuts down”

  1. Charles says:

    Did you call the Port and ask them?

  2. wharfie says:

    The current owner had two strokes and fell behind on payments and rent. The previous owner may reopen or try to sell to someone new.

  3. Peter McGraw says:

    Saw the comments and wanted to add ours to clarify any confusion out there. The Highliner Tavern has gone out of business and the Port of Seattle is actively seeking a new operator.

    Peter McGraw
    Seaport/Real Estate Media Officer
    Port of Seattle

  4. Bummer. Loved that little place.

  5. jim says:

    As a comm. fisherman for 20 years I am sad to see it close. Have spent many a lunch and eves. after workin the shipyard. It will be greatly missed.

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