Egg hunting in the sunshine

Posted on April 24th, 2011 by Sara

The annual egg hunt at the Magnolia Community Center drew a big crowd this year.

This year the spring weather cooperated and the hunters were basking in the sunshine!

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  1. jinx2 says:

    this year’s egg hunt was a disappointment. having gone for the last 2 years, my 3 year old daughter and i walked at the back of the large group thinking they would wait for everyone to get to the designated area before starting the “hunt” like they have done in the past. this was not the case and by the time we got there, there were no more eggs left. luckily, i spotted one nearby and had her go after it so she can at least have one. after walking around for a bit hoping to find another, a little girl came up and shared one of her eggs with her, which was really nice. i hope they get more organized next year.

    • scooter says:

      Yes, it’s always terrible when “they” don’t pull off a free event perfectly for ungrateful complainers. Next year, egg hunt at your house.

      • anon says:

        i don’t see a complaint here. i see a mere suggestion that perhaps next year could be more organized like in the years past. i know i’d be a little PO’ed if I drove to an event and didn’t get to participate. the objective of the event is to allow the kids to run around and find some eggs. how is that accomplished when there are none left for the people in the back? perhaps you enjoy running with the rest of the mob… not everyone does.

        • skippy john jones says:

          There are mostly complaints above.
          If parents want the kids to find a bunch of eggs( which is fine) hold an egg hunt at home, in your yard or house. Don’t go to a free public event. Anytime there is something to be had for free, expect a crowd.

          • one egg wonder says:

            Scooter and Skippy’s kids must have been the ones with 30+ eggs in their baskets, while some little kiddos got one, or none. I think most folks would have preferred an equal opportunity at a free event. This could have been accomplished by allowing everyone to make it outside, assemble around the perimeter of the egg hunt area, and then a whistle could have been blown. Or, if the eggs aren’t going to be actually hidden (laying out en masse on a black top), perhaps a per-child egg cap should have been established. 10 per kid, max. There were some children there whose parents were loading gobs of eggs into their baskets, then congratulating them for their egg gathering prowess, while other children had to race to fight for one. I blame the parents, not the organizers. As a free neighborhood event, they do amazing things with very little resources, especially when the city/county can’t seem to provide funds for our schools, let alone an egg hunt.

          • skippy john jones says:

            Nice try to blame my kids for your decision. We didn’t go, because we expect the exact behavior you describe.
            If you don’t like the way parents behave, call them on it, don’t gripe on a blog.

          • Waaaaaaaaaaaaah says:

            “would have preferred an equal opportunity at a free event”

            Oh lord, the socialists are out in force. Maybe the little buggers need to learn life’s not always fair?

  2. BabyDaddy says:

    I agree. My son was still crawling last year. This year, not only can he walk but he is starting to run. Yet he got many more eggs last year than he did this year. It was much more fun and much longer of an experience last year. It was chaotic this year and even though my son was near the front within a step away from grabbing his first egg, there was no waiting. Before we knew it, the mobs came running. By the time he got to his first egg, the mob was already 20 steps ahead and the place was cleaned out within a matter of minutes. I question if the tennis court approach of past years was a better idea than what they did this year.

  3. BicycleJoe says:

    I wonder if anyone else sees the irony in this?

  4. ToddlerDad says:

    Thanks to all the volunteers who made this great event happen. It did seem to work better last year, however, so maybe they could go back to that format. On the other hand, maybe there were just a lot more kids this year because of the great weather. Our toddlers were skunked, but they didn’t really seem to mind.

  5. magmom says:

    Thank you for hosting this event, Magnolia Community Center. It did go fast, but it was a fun event and great to gather with the neighborhood.

  6. concernedlady says:

    How could they improve? Suggestions please..

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