Prescription drug take-back day Saturday

You can get rid of your old prescription drugs safely and anonymously on Saturday (4/30)  as part of the second Drug Enforcement Agency National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. ?I encourage every American to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to safely dispose of unused, un-needed, or expired prescription drugs,? said Gil Kerlikowkse, Director of National Drug Control Policy. ?Preventing these readily available and potentially deadly drugs from being diverted and misused is something each and every one of us can do to help reduce the epidemic of prescription drug abuse that is harming so many Americans.?

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. you can take any unused prescription drugs to the Port of Seattle Police Department at Fishermen’s Terminal (3919 18th Ave W).  Other locations can be found here.

Truck stuck on Dravus

If you were wondering what was happening on the Dravus hill this afternoon, here is the answer.

Not sure how this truck got stuck but it caused traffic to be diverted and caused quite the commotion.  The truck eventually worked its way free.

Thanks to Matt for the photo.

Highliner shuts down

A Fishermen?s Terminal institution has apparently closed.  We got this note from Shawn:

Yikes, an old haunt of mine from years back looks like it has shut the doors for good. The Highliner Alehouse at Fishermen?s Terminal. There is a sign that says the Port shut them down and it looks through the window like they left in a hurry. Pots and foodstuff strewn about. I couldn?t find any other info about it. I emailed their contact address on the website: No response yet. Sad. Was a nice out of the way place.

We called the Highliner phone number and there was no answer and no answering machine.  The website is still up but looks like it has not been updated for awhile.  Anybody know what happened?

Warning from neighbor after break in

We got this note from Annemarie who wanted to warn Magnolia residents about a burglary in her neighborhood and a possible connection to a woman she saw in the area:

Last night my neighbor’s house was broken into (Tuesday evening) between 5:00-7:30. Pretty much the stereotypical kick a door in, ransack the place, take what you can fit (jewelry) into a pillow case (homeowner’s pillow case!) and run.  They even took a car detail kit. We live close to the Village.

I was walking home from the Village at 5:35pm and passed a young woman, maybe early thirties, late twenties, sandy blonde/light brown hair, wearing a parka/vest (green) and carrying a clipboard, looking at homes and check-marking, or pretending to check-mark notes on her clipboard.

I know there have been other incidents where people are pretending to sell magazines, but they are really just checking to see who is home so they can burglarize their homes. I do not know if she was part of the burglary, but now that my neighbor was robbed around the time I saw her, I am suspicious of her and wish I had questioned her.

If anyone in Magnolia sees a woman walking around matching this description, could you please call the police or at least question her, take her photo, check to make sure all your neighbors are home and not being robbed?

We are told that the woman in the green vest said she was checking on cable reception.  The burglary occurred at a home where she had earlier knocked on the door and found no one home.  If you see anything suspicious, police encourage you to call 911. 

Magnolia resident honored by Red Cross

Magnolia resident Todd DeGreen was honored recently by the American Red Cross.   DeGreen is an outdoor enthusiast who has always been serious about being trained and prepared.

Last August, DeGreen led a couple of friends to the top of Mt. Rainier.  On the way down  they spotted abandoned climbing gear and heard a faint whistle. They discovered Hunter Ferguson and his friend in a deep crevasse.  They had fallen in after a snow bridge collapsed. The men had been hanging there for several hours and were wet, cold and exhausted.

With assistance from his friends, DeGreen constructed a complex pulley system and after a number of attempts, he was able to pull out the trapped climbers one-by-one from the crevasse and saved both of their lives.

DeGreen is reflective about the experience. ?I?ve become quite a proponent of ongoing education as it relates to that kind of activity because I don?t think it?s to be underestimated.?

DeGreen was one of ten heroes honored by the Red Cross this year.   

Plabase Fitness closed

The owners of Plabase Fitness are moving to Arizona and the fitness studio is shut down. 

Steven and Monica Stanfield are moving to care for an ill family member.  Plabase Fitness has been in operation at 3400 West government Way since January 2005.  They are hoping to find someone to take over the fitness space.  Here is the note that Monica shared with us:

As many of you know Steven and I are moving (on rather short notice) to Prescott, AZ in response to a family medical emergency. What does this means for Plabase Fitness? Plabase will live on! What that will look like is unknown at this time. We will be sure to keep you posted!

This also means that we are selling our beautiful studio in Magnolia. Please keep this in mind if you know of anyone who is involved in the personal training, physical therapy, or any movement discipline and who are ready to move into a gorgeous, fully equip exercise studio that’s ready to start business immediately. Please send them our way to

Rock show Friday at the Boxcar

Local band Hand of Doom will be playing a show at the Boxcar Ale House at 3407 Gilman Avenue West on Friday night (4/29) starting at 9p.m.


Hand of Doom plays Black Sabbath’s psychedelic heavy blues.   You can check them out on their facebook page here.

Egg hunting in the sunshine

The annual egg hunt at the Magnolia Community Center drew a big crowd this year.

This year the spring weather cooperated and the hunters were basking in the sunshine!

Magnolia Chamber meeting Tuesday

The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce will have a general meeting on Tuesday (4/26) at 6:15p.m. at the Magnolia Pub at 3221 W McGraw.  Topics to be addressed include the efforts to save the Magnolia Farmer Market and ideas to beautify Magnolia?s sidewalks and streets.  There will also be an open forum. 

That?s one big carrot!

We hope that a big bunny found this giant carrot spotted on a yard at McGraw and Rosemont.

Happy Easter everyone!  (Thanks to Julie for the photo)