Magnolia girl shaving head for good cause

Posted on January 31st, 2011 by Sara

Fourteen year old Elizabeth Swanberg is getting ready to go bald as she raises funds to fight childhood cancer. The Blaine 8th grader will shave her head on February 18th as part of her fundraising efforts for the St. Baldrick?s Foundation.  She has already raised over $2,000 for the foundation that provides grants for researchers working to find a cure for childhood cancer. 

The idea is for each participant to  shave their head to raise awareness about childhood cancer since many children who have cancer lose their hair after treatment.  Elizabeth writes that she has never had any connection to cancer, or been heavily impacted by it but that is why she is participating.   She says she has been reading about peoples experiences with cancer, the causes, the symptoms and medications. 

As you can see from the photograph, Elizabeth has very long hair.  It measures 21 inches from the top of her scalp. 

If you would like to support Elizabeth, you can donate here.  We will update you with a photo and a fundraising update after the big day.

5 responses to “Magnolia girl shaving head for good cause”

  1. magmom says:

    I hope you can donate your hair to Locks of Love. They make wigs for kids that need them due to cancer etc.
    Good for you!!

    • Val says:

      Not for cancer, but for long-term disorders resulting in hair loss or such patchiness that shaving the head is the only real option.

  2. cancermomma says:

    Way to go Elizabeth! Your are an amazing selfless young lady. Thank you for doing this for our kids.

    BTW- Locks of Love is a great organization. However, very few cancer patients receive wigs through them. They only provide wigs for people with permanent hair loss….typcially alopecia sufferers. If you are looking to provide wigs to children battling cancer Wigs for Kids is a great organization.

  3. youcannotloosewhathasbeenlost says:

    Good cause, and a very generous and empathetic youngster…

    But please, Magnolia Voice, “lose their hair.” Not “loose.”

    Loose = to free from restraints. If she were undoing a pony tail, she might be “loosing” her hair.

    Lose = to cease to possess due to unfortunate circumstances. That’s what happens to cancer patients.

    Please respect the intelligence of this local child by respecting the description of her rationale!

  4. The Brown Family says:

    We watched the “shave” today. What an amazing and brave thing you did! Wear that bald head with pride! You are beyond awesome Elizabeth!!

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