Summerfest is finally here…

Posted on August 3rd, 2018 by Sara

I cannot believe that it is already August. If you’re anything like me, it isn’t August in Magnolia until Summerfest.  Here is the lowdown on the weekend’s activities. Check out this hilarious cross-post from Facebook and Nextdoor (thanks Jake Milstein):

Special thanks to the parents who chimed in and helped create this FAQ for Summerfest this weekend. Here’s the update (and note some changes in food trucks and inflatables):

1) What is Summerfest, where is it, & what time is the parade? -Summerfest is a giant party in Magnolia coming up this Fri (2p-9p) with movie Coco showing at 9p, Sat (all day and night), Sun (until 5p) -Located on the fields next to the Community Center in Magnolia -The Magnolia Bridge is still there (for now), so people from QA and Ballard are more than welcome. I hear there are other bridges to get to Magnolia, but you really should take the Magnolia Bridge while it lasts! -There will be bounce houses, obstacle courses, face painting, lots of food, beer, wine, and bands -Parade is 10a on Sat and goes down 34th from the Community Center to the Village and then down McGraw through the Village. Candy will be thrown to children and children will run to get it. Little brothers and sisters will cry when they don’t get as much candy as older siblings and parents will force older kids to give their candy to younger siblings to “avoid a scene.”

2) How many bounce houses and what is the cost? -2 bounce houses, 1 giant double slide, 4 obstacle courses. BTW – did anyone call these “moon bounces” as a kid? I did – but was that an East Coast thing? -There will be “rides” for kids ages 3-18. Note: Summerfest is terrible if you’re 19. You can’t go to the bounce houses and you can’t go to the beer garden. Bummer, dudes. -Cost is $25 for a wristband on Saturday and $25 on Sunday. Wrist band might be cheaper for Friday but not decided yet. No, you can’t use a wrist band for more than one day. Yes, you can buy individual tickets as well to pay-per-bounce-house. -Also, there will be hamster balls (Zorbs) that kids can roll around in. No, you cannot put all of your kids in one hamster ball. Yes, someone asked. And yes, you know who you are. -Everything should be set up by 3p on Friday.

3) How do I get tickets without waiting in that huge Saturday line? -If you come down on Friday, you can buy wristbands for Sat or Sun and then you don’t have to wait in line!

4) What bands are playing? -Lots of them – here’s the list.  I’m looking forward to the Journey Cover Band (Infinity Project). Don’t Stop… Believin’ (did I get that stuck in your head?)

5) Can you bring the Urban Family beer into the bounce houses? -There will be Urban Family beer and Elysian and Figure Head. And no, you can’t take it in the bounce houses. Sorry. Only the social media manager can do that.

6) How do I get there? -Public Transport: Since light rail isn’t ready yet (just wait until the year 2299), take the bus: Bus – 19, 24, 31 all come to Magnolia. -Driving: If you’re driving, please bring a minivan, Subaru, or Tesla so you fit in. Also, you can’t park on the parade route on Saturday but you can park on many streets around the Village (basically, come to 33rd and McGraw and look for parking anywhere nearby). Other parents report “no parking signs” on various streets, so keep an eye out.

7) Will there be food trucks? -Ezells Fried Chicken -Taco Tajin -Delfinos Chicago Style Pizza -Hot Revolution Donuts -BUNS (recently named to top 5 burgers in Seattle) -Not a food truck, but there will be Bubble Waffles (yum) and ice cream

8) Umm, I don’t have kids – should I go? -Only if you like wine, beer, music or artists. -Also, if you like dogs. There’s a pet parade on Sunday afternoon. -Note: If you don’t have kids and don’t like kids, I advise against going to the movie night with the animated Pixar movie on Friday. There will be children there. Also, you really won’t like it when some of the children talk through the movie because they are children and there is no way they are seeing Coco for the first time.


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