Neighborhood security patrols start today

Posted on December 4th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Since February when about 300 concerned Magnolia residents met at the United Church of Christ, Joe Villarino and the board of the Magnolia Patrol Association have worked to institute neighborhood patrols to stem the rate of crime on the bluff. Today is the first day of actual monitoring from automobiles cruising the streets.
?I?m very excited. We?re going to do the very best we can,? says Christian Binkley, President of the association. ?Our crime rate has risen by as much as 3000 percent. We need to do something about it.?
The plan still in effect has actual sworn police officers on patrol. Because the holiday period has personnel in short supply, unarmed private security guards from Central Protection Services will cover duties in the company’s marked vehicles until officers are available. Villarino will also patrol in a separate automobile to provide additional coverage during scheduled patrol shifts. The Magnolia Patrol Association logos are affixed to the doors.
?Since it?s the season for property theft from porches, we will be vigilant looking for anybody suspicious,? says James Toomey, Central Protection supervisor. ?We will stop and speak with the person and see if they live in the area and why are they looking at the packages.?
Toomey is the initial security guard starting patrols today, covering the entire Magnolia neighborhood.
?It?s just common sense to see if people belong in the area.? he says. ?If they?re following the delivery trucks and they look suspicious we?re going to stop and question them.?
Villarino says the patrols will work mostly during the day when residents are at work. Most burglaries occur in daylight hours when people are away, he said.
Although the association wants to remain non-specific for security reasons, Magnolia Voice was told patrols are on duty 4-6 days-per-week.
The patrol organization is modeled after similar successful groups in neighborhoods such as Windermere and Laurelhurst. The Magnolia association suggests residents who want to contribute pay $250.00 per year.
Click here for payment specifics and to receive answers to additional questions.


16 responses to “Neighborhood security patrols start today”

  1. Bill F says:

    Is a Hummer really necessary to patrol a residential neighborhood?

  2. anonymous322 says:

    So after months of taking a collection, you raised enough money to hire a part time comedy cop. Big golf clap.

    Citation needed to back up the “fact” that crime has risen by “3000 percent” anywhere in the world, much less any part of Magnolia. Especially since when I look at actual Seattle crime statistics, which are easy to get online, I find that statistically, we’re living in one of the safest parts of one of the safest big cities in the country. 30 times more crime would only happen if a war broke out or something. I also find that Magnolia has one of the highest percentages of false alarm calls in the city.

    But whatever. It seems a typically Magnolia solution to the “problem”. Pay a guy with a cell phone minimum wage to drive around and call the cops if he sees anything. The cops are still as scarce as they ever were, but we all get to feel like we’re doing something about the problem because some truck that’s too freaking big for our narrow roads is driving around with a logo on it.

    • MrObvious says:

      Lots of criticisms and quasi-complaints. It’s always so much easier to critique what others are DOING or saying then to actually DO something or OFFER something constructive.

    • Hummer says:

      Wow, comparing city data with neighborhood data. You understand both sets of data may be correct right? Or are you terminally stupid? Why not also site national data because surely that’s relevant to a specific neighborhood.

      Enjoy impressing the criminals in your Eco-conscious, value-signaling Prius.

      • SeattleStudent says:

        The claim that crime has risen “up to 3000%” is ridiculous. It may be technically correct if you compare one day in history when there happened to be no reported crime or just one reported crime in Magnolia, and then the next year there were 30 crimes on that date, but overall crime of course has not risen anywhere close to that level. Basing policy on that kind of stat is lunacy. It’s irresponsible fear-mongering to put that number out there.

    • cityretreat says:

      John kew, why do you use an anonymous name? Because you realize how unintelligent you sound???

  3. ... says:

    Anybody done a criminal background check on security guard Toomey? Just sayin…..

  4. FedUpInMagnolia says:

    I wouldn’t mind contributing to the Security Patrol, however, the first time I heard about it was on the Magnolia Voice. Why don’t they do a better job getting this info out to the neighborhood? Or is the Patrol only for those living in the best sections of Magnolia?

  5. annoyed says:

    What do they do besides sit outside of Starbucks with their car running?

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