Not so special delivery-package thief in Magnolia

Posted on August 12th, 2014 by Sara

There have been some package thieves at work in our neighborhood over the past several weeks.? Here are two accounts from the first weekend in August.?We don’t know if the two incidents are related:

I just wanted to report that I think a package thief may be at work in our neighborhood. We live at 43rd and Dravus. While at the Seafair Fun Fest in the Village Friday evening we had 2 packages left on our porch by UPS. Only today when I looked up tracking did I learn we never received them.

What was interesting was that 2 smaller book envelopes were on our porch and one was opened. When I noticed the address was wrong I put them out for the mailman to redeliver without a second thought. Looking back, I wonder if the thief traded the New Testament book that was in the opened package for my Nordstrom purchases. What guts?! I recall the address on the book envelopes being around the 2600 block of 42nd but beyond that I don’t recall noticing the name or whether they were delivered by USPS or UPS.
I will talk to our USPS and UPS deliver guys today but thought you might want to put the word out in the neighborhood. Bummer that this is happening here. We even have quite a set of stairs to climb

And this one, with a?photo (she sent several but we are posting one):

The blue SUV (Suzuki ?) and female passenger in the pictures were filmed on our home Security cameras stealing packages from our home in Magnolia Friday 8/1 @ 745pm. Drove by slow, backed up and the female got out rang the doorbell to verify we were not home. She then looked around (not up at the camera) and stole the UPS delivery by the front door. She did leave us the phone books… Readers beware. I am not sure if you can publish these pics or not but at least spread the word that package thieves are lurking. Police have been notified and are now looking out for these thieves. No license plate recorded unfortunately.


Photo of alleged package thief submitted by MV reader.



11 responses to “Not so special delivery-package thief in Magnolia”

  1. trixie says:

    This is so awful. Makes me mad. Thanks for letting us know so we can be prepared.

  2. Greg says:

    pretty risky breaking a federal law for a small package.. Then again we have millions of people breaking our immigration laws and the feds are doing nothing about it so maybe they think they can get away with it.

  3. Philip Konkel says:

    Is it out-and-out desperation that makes one steal a package with unknown contents, or is it just dang-nabbed cussedness?

  4. klc says:

    This same thing happened to me several weeks ago. Exactly – mine missing, other address empty boxes opened and left.

  5. Candy says:

    This story is now up on Kirotv both online and on the tube. There are more pictures available on

  6. concerned neighbor says:

    Please post the photo of this woman with the car in the background so neighbors can see if they know her. Other neighbors reported kids with backpacks scouting porches.

  7. Guest says:

    This happened to us this weekend. The neatly tore the boxes, stole most of our stuff (subscribe and save) and left a couple of things behind. So frustrating!

  8. Val V says:

    This happened to us this weekend. We’re on 29th and Tilden. The neatly tore the boxes, stole most of our stuff (subscribe and save) and left a couple of things behind. Very frustrating and sad, too.

  9. Millie D. says:

    Yesterday a friend who lives off Commodore told me her son was home and answered the door and there stood a couple teenage girls who probably were not expecting anybody to be home because according to her son they stammered then said they were looking for a friend but had the wrong house. They each had packs with them. Unfortunately he didn’t watch where they went to next but said they were both dark hair, pretty, one had on small jean shorts and a red halter, the other had a short dress. WHAT is going on in our neighborhood? Too much.

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