Help find this missing scooter

Posted on June 12th, 2014 by Sara

Have you seen this scooter? MV reader Benjamin writes:
Sometime in the past couple of days my moped/scooter was stolen from below our apartment complex. I was wondering if you could post something about it.
It is a red and white Suzuki FZ50 from 1979. It has white handle grips and a black seat. There was a U-lock(bicycle lock) hanging off the bottom of it. There is no license plate. It runs, but I have the keys so it likely would need to be hot wired to be drivable.
It was stolen from the parking garage under 2432 NW 57th Street in Ballard.
I am willing to offer a reward for its safe return. I can be reached at this email or at 509-629-0482.
Thanks so much for your time.

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  1. that guy says:

    completely unrelated, but is anyone interested in buying a used 1979 Suzuki FZ50 scooter? freshly painted black. $100 you have a deal and i’ll even include the u-lock.

  2. NewsPlease says:

    How about some news about Magnolia? This story didn’t even make the cut at My Ballard, where the crime took place. Does anyone actually do any reporting, or do you just copy-paste the first e-mail you receive each morning? Surely this is not the kind of stuff that won Next Door Media an award 5 years ago.

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