UPDATE 5/16 Help find the owner of this sweet dog today!

Posted on May 14th, 2014 by Sara

5/16/14 The dog has been returned home.? We received this email

Wahoo!!? Bailey (11!) is reunited tonight with his owners and dog sister Rosie!? He was literally outside his own yard but without proper ID there was no way to be sure.? Now we know…? Sweet, sweet dog!? Thanks to everyone who reached out today to help get him back where he belonged.?

EARLIER-From a concerned MV reader:

I was walking home from Blaine this morning and came across this VERY sweet male wheaten terrier who was wandering around at the corner of 30th and W Raye (two blocks up (east) from the pool).? Knocked on a couple of doors but no answer.? NO COLLAR – NO CHIP.? Took him to the Magnolia Vet and also the Paw Spa in case he was chipped or the staff at either location might recognize him – no luck. They vet will not hold him so he is at my house.? I have a dog and they are getting along well, but I have a sick cat who cannot take the stress of a visiting dog!! I don’t want to take him to the shelter, and NEED to find his owner today?!?

The owner can call or text me direct at?206-295-3486 or call the Magnolia Vet or Paw Spa to also be directed back to me.? He is SOOOO sweet 🙂

5 responses to “UPDATE 5/16 Help find the owner of this sweet dog today!”

  1. Cameron says:

    Not sure what time this was posted today, but any updates on finding this guy’s owner? If extra help is needed I’m definitely willing to offer some if you don’t have any luck by the end of the day. I would think a few posters around the area you found him would do the trick

  2. Magtown man says:

    I have the same breed of dog (wheaten terrier) and live on the 2500 block of 27th. I know of another wheaten that lives at 2708 W Armour. There is also an older man that has a wheaten I have seen walking around, but I dont know where he lives. Hope that helps.

  3. Using logic says:

    Please reconsider taking the dog to the Seattle Animal Shelter. If someone is missing their pet, the most logical place they will seek help is SAS!

  4. MagnoliaBuff says:

    Putting up flyers and also taking some to nearby vets and the shelter is generally helpful, especially because someone who is older might not use the internet.

  5. MagnoliaBuff says:

    Also, you might try PetPros.

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