Incident at Finn?s Bakery Wednesday, March 26th

Posted on March 28th, 2014 by Sara

An unsettling?email from Meghan, owner of Finn’s Bakery in the Village yesterday:
Hi fellow Magnolians,
We had an unfortunate incident at our business and we were robbed this afternoon. (Everyone is just fine thankfully!) It’s a long shot, but if you happened to be on Wheeler street behind Finn’s bakery around 2pm today and saw anyone or anything suspicious, please let me know. The thief left through the back door with our safe. And if you happen to see the below safe lying around somewhere…’s probably ours.
Still, the bakery owner is looking on the bright side.? In a follow-up with Magnolia Voice, she writes:
The good news is that no one was hurt or threatened at all, but the financial loss is painful! But we are very thankful to be all ok!??Thankfully they didn’t bother us at all so everyone is just fine. ?Just couldn’t come at a worse time to lose all that money!
Please call 911 with any information.


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  1. Whatchoo talkin' bout? says:

    Terrible news, but the store owner needs a quick review of the definition of Robbery, Theft and Burglary. What happened to her was not Robbery, it was Theft. I was started at first, as I thought someone was threated or hurt, they realize this was a simple theft. Terrible, none the less, but a great deal better than a robbery…

    • yo-yo ma says:

      I suggest you proofread your comment if you are ranting about word choice. I believe you meant to say you were “startled” instead of “started” when you first read the article.

      Just saying.

    • Mr. Obvious says:

      There is no way to know what actually happened from this copy/paste post. Also, you really should brush up on your spelling before critiquing others.

  2. Mr. Obvious says:

    How nice it would be to actually have some meaningful details like a description of the perp. How does someone get in a business in the middle of the day and carry out a “mini-safe”?

    • street smart says:

      Because they were ignorant of taking normal precautions, such as closing and locking doors, or bolting their safe to the floor or wall….apparently they believe they live in Mayberry RFD….

      • Disappointed says:

        I can’t believe what a couple of @$$h0les “street smart” and “Mr. Obvious” are. It’s not bad enough that a valued business in our village was violated by a low life thug, so you two chime in to add salt to their wounds? Please do some soul searching to discover whether your responses contributed positively to their unfortunate situation.

        Meghan, you have my sympathy and will have (more of) our friend’s and family’s business in the days and weeks to come.

        • Mr. Obvious says:

          First, unlike you, I never attack people with profanity on forums. Do you feel better now? Second, from the very beginning I was only interested in 2 things- a.) How could this have happened? and b.) possibly identifying the thief so he/she could be apprehended and prosecuted. Two topics it appears nobody wants to talk about? Weird.

  3. jeska315 says:

    so sorry to hear this news- i’m sure as a small business owner, any loss at all must be very hard. i hope whoever got away with your cash and safe *really* needed it, and i hope the residents of magnolia will step up and support finn’s bakery during this tough month. it saddens me to see the ridiculous and irrelevant string of comments on this forum. wouldn’t it be great if people could focus on a moment on what’s right vs wrong in this world, versus slamming each other for grammatical errors and english vernacular? hey people- have you ever had anything stolen?? it sucks! period. try to be nicer, eh?

    • Mr. Obvious says:

      yes, im sorry there are bad people in the world too. im sure he/she *really* needed that fix. I guess its ok, then. yes, it was a painful lesson to learn. magnolia is an urban village and people need to get that. i know, it’s painful.

      • Mr. Obvious says:

        p.s. I’ve been there twice in the last week. Both times before i even knew about this unfortunate event.

        • street smart says:

          I stop by once per week…love the cookies, even if they are $2.50! 🙂 Their quiche is awesome and I have tried them all. They can run their business as they see fit…I’m just an opinionated consumer like the rest of the Yelpers…

  4. Auntiebye says:

    Sorry for your loss, but hopefully you will use the banks in your area for your deposits. Our church learned a lesson when we bought a new safe to put our Sunday offering in until someone could get to the bank. We left the wheels on the new safe until it could be built into the floor, the same week someone came in and rolled out the safe with the church offering money still inside. After that we always made sure our Sunday offering was always taken to the bank and put in the night deposit. I have often wondered what kind of Karma that thief has had in his or her life ? Stealing from a church?

    • eddie says:

      hooray for the Karma comment. Since I don’t really believe much of what goes on in churches, I’m glad to hear you are a church goer who also embraces other ideas than those espoused by Christianity.

  5. ?? says:

    Mr. Obvious and Street Smart- if you are so confident that your opinions are useful and edifying, please feel free to use your real name next time.

    • First Amendment says:

      So that is how we validate opinions? Simply “peer pressure” to conform to your values? There is an old proverb in Japan that fits your attitude “The lone nail must be hammered down”. That is typical of Seattle’s “diversity and openness” of opinion around here…

    • Mr. Obvious says:

      I see a name at the top of every post in this thread except for yours. Hence, I will not be taking any advice from you.

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