Young man falls into sewage stink at West Point

Posted on March 20th, 2014 by Sara

By Reporter Steven Smalley
There was a large emergency response at the West Point Sewage Treatment plant tonight.? A?Magnolia Voice News tipper alerted us to this?smelly story…
The tipster spoke with a?young woman who said while she was partying at the plant with a few friends,?her boyfriend fell into the sewage goo.?A call was made to 911 and at least a dozen firetrucks and medic units responded, according to our tipper who was first on the scene.
It looked as though her beloved?got himself out of the muck, according to those at the plant.
Check out video here.
More information as we get it.

5 responses to “Young man falls into sewage stink at West Point”

  1. PooStroker says:

    Her boyfriend now has herpes, AIDs, various rare skin diseases, and really really bad breath. PUCKER UP!!!

  2. Alicia James says:

    The real question is did they park down there?

  3. Taxpayer says:

    The guy did not “get himself” out of the tank – the WP Treatment Plant crew pulled him out (at great risk to themselves) before the fire department arrived on scene. He was high on drugs. He broke into a restricted area. He should have to pay $$$ to reimburse us taxpayers for the fire and medic response. At some point people have to learn that their stupidity comes with a price tag.

    • Taxpayer says:

      Oh, and he should also pay $$$ for the damage to the Plant – sections of heavy grating had to be ripped out to reach him. One more reason our rates will go up…..

  4. Boris says:

    Great point, Alicia. Then he would really be in trouble. Trespass all you want, but don’t dare drive your car onto taxpayer-owned, public property.

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