Bus routes 31 and 33 back to normal

Posted on January 7th, 2014 by Sara

According to Metro, Bus Routes 31 & 33 have returned to normal along 22nd Ave W. after being rerouted due to a downed power pole yesterday. No word yet on what caused the incident.

4 responses to “Bus routes 31 and 33 back to normal”

  1. A says:

    A car accident resulted in a downed pole and loss of power in the area.

  2. MagnoliaResident says:

    The talk among the neighbors is that it was an SUV that hit the pole, the driver fled the scene. The tow-truck operator suggested that the vehicle was travelling at least 80mph based on the damage (!!!). Some residents on the street were without power until 5AM Tuesday. A big thanks goes to Metro and Seattle City light for their quick response! Metro had representatives at bus stops informing the public (they were at my regular stop).

  3. Report says:

    Later reports from a concerned citizen indicate that a distracting tennis skirt may have somehow been involved in the incident.

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