Ruined tires make for a crummy holiday

Posted on December 22nd, 2013 by Sara

We?received the following emails over the weekend:

There has been someone going around putting nails into tires around 32nd and 33rd and Government Way in Magnolia. ?Many of our neighbors are upset because their cars have flats. ?It’s always the driver’s side front tire that they vandalize. ?Can you post on the Voice to ask people to be vigilant?


Early on Sunday, 2 cars parked back-to-back on 33rd, just off Government Way, had screws pounded into their left front tires, in the exact same place. Vandalism occurs in this are on a regular basis, and requests for stepped-up police presence appear to have fallen on deaf ears. Residents in the area should …check their tires before driving off.
-Frustrated Govtwayguy

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