Weekend crime watch

Posted on May 20th, 2013 by Sara

Thanks to the MV tipsters that sent in these emails.? Here are a couple of?incidents from the weekend:


My husband happened to be home and heard a faucet go on outside our home that day.? He went outside to find that someone had climbed up our front stairs to get our hose.? They then turned it on and put it in our trash can.? They had done this to 2 other neighbors, as well, so my husband turned off their hoses and replaced them.? Folks might want to stow away hoses in a non-visible location for a while.


While out walking the dog at 5AM today (Saturday 5/18/13), I discovered 2 people, a male and a female, going car to car in the 3600 block of 39th Ave W (ie between W Ruffner St and W Emerson St).?? If they were able to gain access (doors not locked) then they would climb in and rummage around.? I observed the male entering 2 vehicles on the block, but did not see if the female was in any vehicles.

When they saw me on my phone (calling 911) they dropped a white Columbia jacket and a red gas can (see photo below) and proceeded north on 39th Ave W to W Emerson St.? Later the male was spotted by SPD on Arapahoe Pl W, but he ran and disappeared into a back yard where he was not found.?Both were young – teens or 20’s, white, slender build.? The male was approx 5’10” – 6′, and the female was approx 5’4″.?It is now 6:20AM and SPD is still trying to locate these two individuals in the neighborhood.

Update 9:00AM – SPD has caught the male suspect but no sign of the female.? He ran from the 3600 block of Arapahoe Pl W, through numerous back yards, and was finally “tackled” at 35th Ave W and W Amour.? He has a criminal past – no big surprise there.

Numerous neighbors called 911 to report a male running through their back yards and climbing over fences !!!? This enabled SPD to “track” him, and finally nab him when he popped out into the open to cross W Amour at 35th.?? Way to go Magnolia neighbors…
Please check your vehicles for any intrusion that occurred this morning, and call 911 if anything has occurred.? An officer will come out at take a report from you.

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  1. madmagnoliamom says:

    SO tired of all these car thefts. We should really have an organized neighborhood watch or patrol car that goes through our hood throughout the day.

  2. Snarkbark says:

    Criminal past? Time to put this kid away for a LONG time!!!And his little friend too when she is caught.

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