Break-in at Gim Wah early this morning

Posted on March 24th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Smash, right through the glass front door of the Gim Wah restaurant came the burglars at 4 AM, awakening a neighbor in time to scare off the crooks. All it took was lots of noise from the now-awake resident to frighten away the thieves. They did score some cash though, in the form of the bubblegum machine stationed in the front lobby that was taken after the bad guys crawled over broken glass in the door. It?s the only thing missing says Alan Chan, owner of the restaurant.

This is just the second time in 20 years the restaurant has been burglarized, according to Chan. ?I feel bad,? he says. Chan also said he had plans to reinforce the alarm system already in place.

Palm Sunday found the glass company hard at work replacing the door under the watchful eye of Chan. The restaurant was scheduled to open at 4 PM as usual.


6 responses to “Break-in at Gim Wah early this morning”

  1. Snarkbark says:

    Cameras being put everywhere in Seattle but no cameras for the handful of avenues in/out of Magnolia? Seems like it would help catch the increasing number of crooks targeting us.

  2. magnolia_mtb says:

    Unfortunately the crooks now know where the cops aren’t. It looks like the word is out and our neighborhood will see increases in incidents as time goes on.

  3. Brooks says:

    Alan Chan and Gim Wah serve some of the best Chinese anywhere. I will make it a point to order some subgum chow mein and shrimp foo yung very soon to help him pay for the under-deductible damage caused by those punks.

  4. Since 1991 says:

    A Magnolia institution. Try the Gim Wah Chicken or Mongolia Beef. Alan’s Pork Fried Rice is some of the best I’ve had.

  5. Serpy says:

    I respectfully and completely disagree with Snarkbark. Camera’s and privacy intrusion are not the proper means to decrease crime. We need a police force doing it’s job. I for one do not wish to live in a nanny state.

  6. TypeOne says:

    Couldn’t the thieves broken into the men’s room and damaged it instead of the front window? Not only would it be more covert, it might have forced the GW to remodel it.

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