Fire at Umpqua Bank

Posted on January 9th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
Firefighters responded to a fire in the Village at 6:30 Wednesday morning at Umpqua Bank on 32nd Avenue West.
Three Seattle Fire Department units were on-scene at a side door on the south wall of the building near the bus stop. Responders in full gear, including breathing apparatus, could be seen cutting their way into the smoke-filled area with power saws. At one point flames were visible as crews pulled out fiberglass insulation and quickly doused the small blaze.
Seattle Fire officials who spoke with Magnolia Voice were pleased.
?At this point, we?re pretty happy with the outcome, although now we have a big hole in that bank we got to take care of,? a spokesman said.
It took about an hour for the crews to finish their work and begin mop up. No fire hoses were used.
?We?re doing an investigation to find out what happened,? the spokesman explained.
See video of the action here.
Photo and video by Steven Smalley

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  1. PugetSoundguy says:

    Nice report and video. I wondered what happened. Thanks Steve.

  2. tootie12 says:

    Hey! nice job on the video Steve!!! 🙂

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