Scary incident on 40th and Emerson over the weekend

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 by Sara

An MV reader who lives?just south of Discovery Park between Emerson and Ruffner experienced a frightening event?on Saturday. She writes:

Early this morning at 3:25 we awoke to an urgent ringing of our doorbell. When we looked out our peephole no one was at the door. A few minutes later there was a hooded individual in dark clothing standing across the street from our house giving us the double middle finger. Thinking it was some prankster my husband popped his head out the door and found the individual next to our garage a few feet from our front door. The individual then bolted out of our driveway and north on 40th towards Emerson. After realizing this was no one we knew, we immediately called 911. While on the phone with the dispatcher we saw him run back up 40th again, stop in front of our house and crouch behind a parked car directly across the street. After a few seconds he darted south on Emerson and disappeared into the night.
The police arrived 30 minutes later and patrolled 40th with a spotlight. We haven’t heard if they found anyone. Since it was so early in the morning we don’t believe it was teenagers playing a prank. The seemingly erratic behavior of this individual makes us think he may have been on drugs or mentally unstable. It was extra scary given that it was so stormy and he seemed to be provoking us by coming back multiple times. We don’t know of anyone who would do this maliciously or even as a prank.

The individual is described as a?white male in his 20s.?He is?clean-shaven?with a slim build,?and was wearing a dark hooded jacket or sweatshirt and dark pants. Please call 911 with any information.

7 responses to “Scary incident on 40th and Emerson over the weekend”

  1. Ronald Jeremy says:

    Police response time was 30 minutes?!?!?!?

  2. teacup1474 says:

    Scary. 30 minutes does seem long 🙁

  3. rampart says:

    awesome, potential denger and the cops are only 30 minutes away….

  4. TillieC says:

    Scary. Response time doesn’t surprise me. I walked into my house and found a burglary in process. I didn’t see anyone but I know for a fact that they were there when I got there. I called 911 and they told me to wait outside for the police to get there. In February. It took the police more than two hours to get there. I guess a burglary in progress called in by a single woman isn’t a big deal.

  5. Mir Bee says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. We all need to be vigilant and aware of what is happening outside our homes and those of our neighbors.

  6. Guest says:

    Slow response time by the police is my fault. They were busy ticketing me for not wearing my seatbelt.

  7. BicycleJoe says:

    Sorry folks. As measured on the inner-city violent crime scale this was NOT an emergency. If you were uh,… “brave” enough to open the door then stop whining!

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