Finn?s Bakery to bring bread to Magnolia?s masses

Posted on November 14th, 2012 by Sara

By Reporter Steven Smalley
Fresh bread, pastry, and cookies return to the Village at the location of the former Upper Crust Bakery on West McGraw Street just in time for the Holiday Open House.? Named for their son, Finn?s Bakery and Cafe is set to open by November 30.
As the deadline approaches, owners Meghan and Anthony Hargreaves are?busy painting and scrubbing to get it ready. Luckily for them, as it was previously a bakery, they only need to breathe some new life into it: ?We?re cutting down this big counter a bit and moving it back. We?ll have some additional seating up front,? reveals Meghan, speaking with Magnolia Voice. ?We?ll be doing breads, pastries, desserts, and basic lunch items ? soup, salads, sandwiches.?
You could say the Magnolia?couple has pastry in their blood:??Back in Minnesota we have a family-owned bakery. It?s kind of a mix of Scandinavian, Eastern European and Italian…My family has had a bakery for about a hundred years,?? explains Hargreaves. As for recipes, ?We?… hired a very experienced pastry chef. She loves Viennese laminated doughs, Danishes, and croissants.??When asked about the rest of the menu, Hargreaves says you can expect just about everything. ?She also does fabulous cakes and breads…I think the important thing is to just listen to customers and see what they want.? There are some family favorites too, such as Potica (puh-TEET-suh) an eastern European roll-up with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nuts. ?Almost like a mini-cinnamon roll. You?ll have to try it,? Hargreaves urges.
Look for a full-service espresso bar?featuring Stumptown Coffee, a local roaster. The application for the liquor license posted on the front door is for wine and beer service during meals.??We?ll also be doing some cooking classes,? Hargreaves says. ?Our pastry chef loves to teach. Come and learn how to make croissants.?
Initial hours for Finn?s are Monday-Friday 6A.M.-6P.M. and weekends 7A.M. to 3 o?clock, or thereabouts. Future hours will be based on customer demand.

13 responses to “Finn?s Bakery to bring bread to Magnolia?s masses”

  1. Jolinda Finne says:

    Magnolia voice blows! The owners are losers!

    • ericsmith says:

      What exalted position do you hold in life to have such a developed vocabulary and incredible expression skills. I cannot imagine you doing anything that might require intelligence, patience or forethought. Is everyone a loser who doesn’t agree with whatever minor thing you had on your mind? Ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Insult away at me all you like, but see if you can master expressing it beyond, say, the second grade level.

  2. Guest says:

    This is a sad statement to say online in this forum as you sit safely behind a screen.

    Dear Magnolia Voice,

    As a service to community you support and supports you, please take the time to remove negative and bold unfounded statements from your “comments”.

    This is not the first time I have seen hurtful things said about individuals who have the courage to open or have a business in Magnolia.
    If you don’t like the people don’t go. If you don’t like Magnolia Voice, don’t read it.

    • Keith S. says:

      Sadly, censorship has rarely shown to be best course. For one, the offender just keeps trying, adding to the amount of labor for the administrators. For another, it’s somewhat subjective. Where do you draw the line between hateful criticism and constructive criticism? Should they remove posts telling of a bad experience with a business? (Not that these are common at all.) Maybe it’s in everyone’s best interest to know.

      The most dominant solution in use today is to use the voting mechanism. One enhancement might be to “hide” posts with a strong negative rating until the reader clicks to see it, but aside from that, I think we need to let the masses drive away the trolls, rather than expect our volunteer administrators have to take on the task and risk becoming a target of criticism from rude and well-meaning users alike.

    • ericsmith says:

      A few weeks ago someone mentioned they had trouble “signing on” to Magnolia Voice to comments, and I wondered what that was about, because all you do is write and post. But I’ve noticed the site is getting spotty in that sometimes there is no opportunity to post and a box comes up saying one must have a different browser, etc. A few minutes later if you try again, it goes on fine. Are you having technical issues with the site?

  3. dgbeecher says:

    Welcome to Magnolia! We’re excited to have you here.

    Suggestion: Consider using Lighthouse Roasters coffee instead of Stumptown. It’s *more* local (from Seattle, not Portland), and, in my opinion, way better.

    That’s all! See you soon!

  4. seattle_boy says:

    I’m very excited to see another bakery in the Village. Can’t wait to try it.

  5. Magnolia Voice Rocks! The owners have gumption.

  6. ericsmith says:

    I am beginning to have hope that there will be quality choices here in Magnolia. I haven’t tried Tanglewood yet, but a good bakery is everyone’s dream. If you make croissants like Basalu in Ballard, the best croissants in Seattle (most like Paris), or even like “La Reve”, a decent second, I’ll be there every day. When some of my students come to Magnolia I used to take them for a slice of pie, or soup at the Wheeler Kitchen. Now hopefully I can treat them to a goody from your bakery before I take them for a hike in Discovery Park. Most are from other countries, so it will be great to “show off” our wonderful bakery. Best of luck.

  7. Cookie says:

    Please no transfats! Give us butter!

  8. Kent Chappelle says:

    Tanglewood Supreme is excited to welcome Finn’s Bakery to the village!

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