World Famous Super-Yacht, Luna at Pier 90

Posted on September 27th, 2012 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
If you hurry, you can see one of the world?s great yachts currently moored at Pier 90 just before it launches today for repairs in Canada. At 377 feet in length, the Luna, reportedly owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, is touted as the world?s largest expedition motor yacht. So, if you?re heading off to explore Antarctica, for scientific reasons of course, what better vehicle to take along than this luxurious ship equipped with a large indoor pool and two helicopter pads (scientists never had it so good).
Just in from Alaska, according to a source in a position to know, the Luna is expected back in Seattle in a couple of months. At that point it?s planned to take up a berth near Fremont, within walking distance of amenities, so the owners and crew of 47 can find a restaurant without hailing a cab. It?s reported that close friends of Mr. Abramovich are actually operating the yacht and not the billionaire himself, and that?Seattleites can expect the ship to stay close to our shores for a while. Roman Abramovich, who made his money in oil, also owns the Chelsea Football Club of London which he purchased for the equivalent of $226 million. Officially, and reportedly for tax purposes, the Luna is listed as a charter yacht in Monaco and can be viewed here.
Photos by Steve Smalley

6 responses to “World Famous Super-Yacht, Luna at Pier 90”

  1. somewhereonMagnolia says:

    It’s been there for two or three weeks already, it’s hardly “Just in from Alaska…”.

  2. Squire Trelawney says:

    I saw it yesterday. It’s just a boat. No reason to get excited about the extravagance of ultrawealthy Russians. I hope the crew has a good time enjoying the many wonderful things Fremont has to offer.

  3. Magtony says:

    Why not get excited? It’s the largest expedition yacht in the world, and it’s owned by a shady oligarch who many may have heard of. I too saw it moored at pier 90, and I thought it was cool.
    Would you prefer more stories about lost cats?

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