August 21

Magnolia Romios closed?

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Many have been wondering what’s going on with Magnolia’s Romios restaurant.? Here are a couple of emails we’ve recently received:

MV reader Kathy writes:

Romios at the corner of 20th and Dravus looked awfully dark yesterday, so I peeked in the window. I was shocked to see the restaurant furniture disassembled and the place obviously vacant. Do you know what happened? Romios was a favorite for my husband and me. They always knew how to make our pizza (three cheese with pepperoni on the top) and we’re saddened to see them close. Should be we optimistic that they are closed for remodeling and will reopen later? There was no note on the door explaining their closure.

MV reader Derek writes:

We went to try and eat at Romios last night, but despite the neon sign saying “open” the door was locked. A guy came out of the restaurant to say that this location was closed and “we’re consolidating our operations at the Western and Broad store.” I forgot to ask if they still do delivery in the area.

MV has contacted Romios main store, and hasn’t gotten official word yet.? We will let you know as soon as we hear anything.



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