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Magnolia Romios closed?


Many have been wondering what’s going on with Magnolia’s Romios restaurant.? Here are a couple of emails we’ve recently received:

MV reader Kathy writes:

Romios at the corner of 20th and Dravus looked awfully dark yesterday, so I peeked in the window. I was shocked to see the restaurant furniture disassembled and the place obviously vacant. Do you know what happened? Romios was a favorite for my husband and me. They always knew how to make our pizza (three cheese with pepperoni on the top) and we’re saddened to see them close. Should be we optimistic that they are closed for remodeling and will reopen later? There was no note on the door explaining their closure.

MV reader Derek writes:

We went to try and eat at Romios last night, but despite the neon sign saying “open” the door was locked. A guy came out of the restaurant to say that this location was closed and “we’re consolidating our operations at the Western and Broad store.” I forgot to ask if they still do delivery in the area.

MV has contacted Romios main store, and hasn’t gotten official word yet.? We will let you know as soon as we hear anything.


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  1. We ate at Romio’s once when we moved to Magnolia almost six years ago. Our sausage and mushroom pizza had sliced hot dogs on it. I kid you not.

  2. The Western and Broad location does deliver to Magnolia now. But our first order from them was a bit of a disappointment. Romio’s 4 cheese with feta and roasted garlic was my absolute favorite. I’m hoping our first experience the new location was a fluke.

  3. “Our sausage and mushroom pizza had sliced hot dogs on it. I kid you not.”

    No, it didn’t.

    1. Umm, yes it did. It was the most disgusting pizza I’ve ever had. I find it humorous that you would disagree, since you weren’t there.

  4. What about the employees? The best part about Romio’s for us was the sweet Greek woman who always greeted us with a smile and loved to play with our little boy.

  5. Good. It’s terrible food. One less crummy joint to be forced to frequent out of laziness.

  6. Seriously? You think the food was terrible but you still kept going back? Due to laziness? If it was truly horrible then you wouldn’t be going back frequently regardless since there are plenty of pizza joints in town that delivers even. I for one was a regular and kept going back. I like their pizza and especially the calzone. They don’t have the best pizza in town but I’m also not paying the best pizza in town prices there. They fit right in there when I want something better than the PizzaHut/Dominos but not as fancy as a Pagliacci/Via Trib. I for one will surely miss them. As well as all the kiddie sport leagues who comes here for team celebrations.

  7. i lived up the damn street from romio’s for eight years. i’d try to eat at it oh, about annually. it was awful. reliably. i’m a fool, and i kept giving them a chance.

    i totally believe the person who ended up with hot dogs on their pizza. anything i ever ordered from there was substandard. i’d tell myself that i’d never do it again, and then… there i was, lazy or drunk or whatever, and i’d order something and it’d be horrible and then i wouldn’t eat it and i’d make a box of annie’s mac and cheese or something. lucky for me, i’m a loser and i didn’t have to feed that stuff to a family or something.

    magnolia was famous for it’s really good and really bad restaurants. i loved nikos and ichiro and time for pho and josephina’s and wheeler street and most of all: red mill. on the other hand, you had mulleady’s, romio’s… and: rudy’s place, simply the worst food and service ever. i’d rather suck up a hobo’s barf than eat a rudy’s meal again.

  8. Now if we can get rid of that “NEW” Pandasia…the worst! I met someone who used to work there and she said they had rat turds in their basement! She said it was so disgusting there she had to quit.

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