Help Magnolia Manor P-Patch grow?faster

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by Sara

The Magnolia Manor P-Patch is requesting donations to help expand the garden, making 90 plots available all at once, rather than in two phases of 30 plots, then 60 plots.??From an?urgent email to Friends of the?Magnolia Manor Park

The original P-Patch plan was to have 30 plots ready for Spring 2013 planting, and construct an additional 60 plots ready for 2014.? We discovered that completing the whole project of 90 plots at once rather than in two phases will save $3000.00. See image below:



They need to?$10,000 by July 31, 2012 to fence in the whole area of 90 plots.? You can donate online by clicking here (if donating online, they ask that you designate Magnolia Manor Park as recipient). For more information about Magnolia Manor Park and the P-patch, click here.

19 responses to “Help Magnolia Manor P-Patch grow?faster”

  1. Drew says:

    These are such an eyesore. I wish that land could be usable open space for kids and adults and dogs. It makes sense to keep it small for now.

  2. Priscilla says:

    This is wonderful for more people to have access to locally grown food. I urge everyone to send in a little something to help make this happen.?

    This multi-generational opportunity is a wonderful things for the entire community. ?Have you seen the joy in children’s faces to participate in growing their own food? It is remarkable and important to make these outdoor opportunities possible.

    There is quite a bit of open space in our community for kids and adults, I am confused by Drew’s comment about these spaces being eyesores, I wonder where he is referring to.

  3. Bicyclejoe says:

    Eyesore???? Yes, small organic farms are a real eyesore.? At present, there simply arent enough green spaces, parks, beaches, trails and athletic fields for adults, kids and dogs to poop on.? Jeez…

  4. Dog Owner says:

    We already have p-patches. We do NOT however have a dog park in Magnolia. Just put up some gates and call it a dog park. This new design gives dogs barely any room. P-patches here will be so ugly and awful; I am sure, too, the P-patch people will not like the dogs as they will be pissed off when they accidentally get into their gardens! I hate this always trying to please EVERYONE. There are parks for kids already. There are P-Patches already but again, there isn’t a dog park.

    • Bicyclejoe says:

      Just curious… how does a dog park differ from a human park? Leash rules? or…

    • NorthMagnoliaMan says:

      Mr Dog Owner,
      I wish you’d put a little more thought into your post.? A group of people has worked to come up with a thoughtful design for this great new park – opening up?more area?that?is right now entirely blocked off by fencing.?

      The park will include a new off-leash dog area,?JUST FOR YOU?and other dog owners!? In an entirely seperate area, the park includes a new community garden – the first one right in Magnolia (the Interbay P-patch is great, but has a year+ waiting list, according to webpage). The overall plan creates new entry points, new landscaping, and new paths.

      Great job Friends of Magnolia Manor Park! Good luck with fundraising!

      • Dog Owner says:

        I am sure a group of people “has worked” really hard to come up with a thoughtful design but that doesn’t mean anything really. I wish you’d put a little more time in reading my post. We have everything already in Magnolia BUT a dog park. We have park after park. We have P-patches. We even have a Farmer’s Market for fresh veggies and fruit but there isn’t a dog park. The proposed dog park is tiny. People living in a city with their dogs need a large space for them to run. It would cost next to nothing to put up gates and be done. Dogs don’t care about fancy. Yes, I get gardens and? dog park are separate but there are always those times when dogs get loose!

    • Seriously??? says:

      We don’t have horse trails, either. ?I want horse trails.

    • Blas says:

      There will be an off leash dog park area in the new park, separate from the P-Patch.

      Volunteers?have been working on improving this park for years:?Citizens for Off Leash Areas (, Lawton Elementary kids are doing some of the artwork in the park, neighbors are volunteering with birdhouse fundraising events, the list goes on…? The goal is to make a better?park for everyone- they’re planning on a wheel chair accessible trail around the expanded park.

      Check out their website and look at all of the work everyone’s been doing. They’re looking for volunteers, you should contact them with your ideas.

  5. Bicyclejoe says:

    Next thing you know we’ll have troubled teens out late at night with fresh vegetables!

  6. Drew says:

    P-patches look lovely and green for about two months out of the year. The rest of the year they’re a neglected eyesore and a wate of space. Don’t give money to accelerate this project. Go take a look at the other p-patches in town (e.g. Interbay) to see what this will look like.

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