July 24

Drinking water may be discolored on Thursday but still safe to drink

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Residents and businesses in?some parts of Magnolia and Interbay may temporarily experience discolored water, beginning Thursday evening, July 26. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) says that crews have been performing maintenance on a major pipeline that?has been out of service for the last six weeks and will be brought back online the evening of the 26th. When the water is back on,?discolored water (caused by iron rust particles loosened from the inside of the pipe during maintenance), may be noticeable until the system clears.

Water Operations Acting Director Dave Muto says ?We are doing everything possible to minimize the impact of discolored water on customers.? The pipe has been cleaned and disinfected, it?s been sitting full of water to allow any remaining sediments to settle, and we are bringing it back in service at night when water usage is low.?? SPU says although it looks unappealing, the discolored water is safe to drink.

SPU says:

Customers with discolored water (should)?avoid using hot water and operating their dishwashers and washing machines until their water runs clear.??(They) should run their cold tap water for 3 to 5 minutes. If the water isn?t clear, they should shut off the faucet and wait an hour before testing the water again. If the water still isn?t clear, customers are advised to call SPU?s Operations Control Center at (206) 386-1800.??To learn more about Seattle Public Utilities, click here.


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