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Enfield appoints Dr. Gerrans as Lawton’s new Principal


In a letter to the Lawton community, Interim Superintendant Dr. Susan Enfield announces that Lawton’s Interim principal, Dr. Gerrans, will be the schools new principal.  She goes on to say:

…Dr. Gerrans stepped into the role of interim principal in October and has developed collaborative relationships between the PTA and the Building Leadership Team, including creation of a new mission and set of core beliefs for Lawton, helping guide the community. Dr. Gerrans also created a unique experience for teachers to learn from each other via “Lawton Walks,” where teachers have time to observe colleagues teach, and come together to learn in teams.

Nancy Coogan, Executive Director of Schools for the central region, conducted the community input process on Dr. Gerrans’ performance as interim principal. Feedback included discussions with staff, families, and community, as well as a survey of staff, parents/guardians and the community.  Individuals also submitted feedback through email.

Before coming to Lawton at the start of the 2011-12 school year, Dr. Gerrans taught grades 1-4 in the Renton School District since 2003. This past year, he completed his administrative credentials through the UW Danforth Educational Leadership Program, serving as a principal intern at Concord International School and Kennydale Elementary School. Before going back to school to become a certified teacher, Dr. Gerrans worked at the management consulting firm of McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant and was a research assistant while earning his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon in computational electromagnetics.

Dr. Gerrans has many plans for Lawton’s future, including developing a strong and integrated arts program in partnership with the PTA. To ensure high-quality interventions are in place to help students that are struggling, Lawton is planning implementation of a small-group instructional block for each grade level in the coming year.  This will create a structure for focused interventions as well as rigorous enrichment opportunities for those students that have mastered core-level content.

I know Dr. Gerrans will continue to work with all of you to ensure success at Lawton Elementary.



Susan Enfield, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent
Seattle Public Schools


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