Parts of Magnolia in the Dark

Posted on January 24th, 2012 by Sara

Reader Dan emailed this shortly after 9pm:

Two huge transformer explosions on Magnolia overlooking the ship canal just now…explosions with bright blue light flashes and showering red sparks, fire is out. 39th and west cramer. ?Power is out locally.

Thanks for the tip and photo,?Dan!

Stay tuned for updates

2 responses to “Parts of Magnolia in the Dark”

  1. Jordan Brodley says:

    2:00 AM, power is on at 24th and gilman, as well as fisherman’s terminal.

  2. Lori Lynne says:

    I live on 39th and our power came back on at 3:40AM this morning.? A big mess on 39th and Cramer.

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