Menchie?s coming to Magnolia

Posted on December 22nd, 2011 by Sara

Menchie’s, a national frozen-yogurt chain with locations in Queen Anne, University Village and West Seattle, is adding a fourth Seattle location in Magnolia.
The former Pet Pros location in the Village along West McGraw Street will house Menchie’s. No word yet on length of lease nor when the actual opening will occur. The Voice will post that information soon.
Thanks Troy for the tip.

34 responses to “Menchie?s coming to Magnolia”

  1. Magnolia Mom says:

    Well, thanks a lot.? Now I’ll NEVER lose weight…?

    ? 🙂

  2. kjonas says:

    No, thanks. ?We’ll stick with Cocoa & Cream.

    • Lawtondad says:

      Ice cream != frozen yogurt. Different food and a different experience, since this place has you dole it out and add the mix-ins yourself. The interactivity is a boost for kids, and it’s a touch healthier than ice cream.

      I can see both existing, and it’s about time our neighborhood got some froyo. This is a good one, too.

      • guest says:

        it would be nice if cocoa and cream actually made there own icecream… can get snoqaulmie gourmet at thirtyway :)…

    • Jimbo says:

      Cocoa & Cream sucks. They have the worst service, and is way overpriced.

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  5. Lovesmagnolia says:

    So excited!!!

  6. BicycleJoe says:

    That’s really funny. I hope it’s a short lease. I wonder how many meetings they had to make that decision- one, none? That dark corner is not exactly a hotbed of Seattle nightlife and foot traffic. Yet, I’m still very grateful that people want to open new businesses, locations, etc.

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  15. Where's your Christmas spirit? says:

    kjonas – what’s stopping you from supporting both businesses?

    BicycleJoe – why are you concerned with the length of their lease? were you interested in the property?

    This space has been empty for some time now, we’ve got two well respected local families taking a risk with this venture – why do you two feel the need to be so negative? Lighten up and give them a chance.

    • BicycleJoe says:

      You’re right. Sorry to be so negative.? I thought it was a “national chain.” If two local families are behind it I wish them well and will stop in once to support them.? (That seems like a pretty important detail to leave out of the story.)? I also agree that the fewer empty storefronts in Magnolia the better. Merry Christmas.? BJ ?

      • Magnolia Mom says:

        Actually, Menchie’s IS a national chain. The Magnolia store will be one particular franchised store, operated by locals perhaps, but yes it’s a nat’l corporation.? FYI.

    • kjonas says:

      Well, mostly because we like Cocoa & Cream. ?We’ve been to the Menchies in Queen Anne and, while it was flashy, the yogurt was gross. ?Not one of my three kids would eat it and we ended up with several cups of overpriced mixins.

      While it’s nice not to have an empty storefront, I wish it would also be a business that we currently have to leave Magnolia to find instead of one that competes with a local business that we like.

      • Where's your Christmas spirit? says:

        kj0nas – based on what I’ve seen at the QA Menchies, you and your three children have a very different experience than many, many others.

        My earlier point was, and is, why must you be so negative??

        Ice cream and yogurt aren’t high on my list, but the smiling faces on the kids, occupation of?a vacant building, and the chances for these local?family to make a living is nothing but positive.

        Don’t be a grinch.

      • BigBallaJ says:

        You do know you can SAMPLE the yogurt bfore buying “several cups of overpriced mixins”?

        I know I shouldn’t tell others how to live their lives, but complaining about buying something that you can sample beforehand it just idiotic to me… 😉

  16. Great news says:

    Very cool – you’ll see me a lot Menchies. Welcome!

  17. ajax says:

    Exciting!? I have taken my kids to the Queen Anne location and it is always packed with customers.?

  18. BePositive says:

    So excited! I have no issue with it being a chain, it?s a chain that many families currently leave magnolia to go find, and I?m excited that we can now find it right down the street. I love and support our local small businesses, but I?m also excited to support a family friendly franchise. Yahoo for one less empty storefront. Thank you to the families who are taking a risk to bring this to magnolia and keep the village alive!

  19. RideBicycles says:

    This is great, new businesses investing in Magnolia. Validates my idea for a bicycle shop in Magnolia Village.

    • Magnolia Mom says:

      YES!? Throw in some inexpensive repair work, and you’ll have regular biz from this family!? I like Recycled Cycles’s people, but don’t like DRIVING over there so they can work on my BIKE.

    • Jimbo says:

      Alpine Hut is right down the bridge, that would be so pointless! Don’t bother.

  20. raec says:

    My kids love Menchies and I can’t stay away from the tart! So happy!

  21. abt says:

    Wahoo! We often make special trips to QA just for Menchie’s. ?One less reason to leave the neighborhood!

  22. ColbyV says:

    Any update on when the store will open? I’m hoping they’ll have Dole Whip on day one!!

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