Tom Douglas cooking at Interbay P-Patch

Posted on June 30th, 2011 by Sara

Tickets are now available for the P-Patch Trust?s annual Chef in the Garden event on Wednesday, July 13 at 6p.m.  Held at the Interbay P-Patch (2451 15th Ave W), the evening will feature renowned Seattle chef Tom Douglas preparing an array of dishes that emphasize locally sourced, garden-fresh ingredients.  Some of the ingredients for the dishes will come from P-Patch community gardens  and the courses will be paired with Northwest wines.   There will also be food and garden-related silent auction items.  

The Chef in the Garden event, which is limited to 100 diners, is the Trust?s primary fund-raising effort. All-inclusive tickets are $119. They can be purchased online. Hurry because last year?s event sold out well in advance.  .

The P-Patch Trust is a nonprofit organization that works to acquire, build and protect community gardens in Seattle?s neighborhoods. For more details  visit the Trust?s website or call 425-329-1601.

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