April 21

Movie extras needed in Magnolia

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Want to be in the movies?  Here is your chance.  A local filmmaker is looking for extras for a shoot on Friday (4/22) at Magnolia?s bookstore at 3206 W. McGraw.  They say they need around 15 people who are in their 30?s for the movie.  The shoot is scheduled from 9a.m. to 6p.m. but its not clear whether extras would need to be there the entire time.  The film entitled Pretty Face and Green My Eyes is a short film by Sam Graydon.  The film is an IFP Award finalist. If you are interested in being an extra, contact laceekolze@gmail.com

Here is the synopsis of the film from Theatre Puget Sound:

Pretty Face and Green My Eyes tells the story of Jim, a novelist. After struggling for years, Jim has finally broken through with his latest novel, being nominated for a Pulitzer. While he doesn’t normally do book readings, he agrees to do one at a small bookstore owned by an old friend, Maggie. Jim’s novel tells the story of his teenage years, growing up in the early nineties during the Seattle music explosion. The chapter he reads at the bookstore, with Maggie listening on, is about the night Jim and Maggie met, as teenagers at a local rock show. We follow them through their night as they explore the city, and discover an intense attraction to one another that only happens once; with a first love. Pretty Face and Green My Eyes shines the light on the longing for youth, the ways we hold on, and the wonder that comes when rediscovering feelings that we thought were gone forever.

Based on the description, it sounds like Magnolia?s Bookstore has a major role in the film too.


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