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Magnolia Bridge Meeting Tonight


SDOT is hosting a community engagement meeting to share the planning study results and answer questions on Thursday, June 6, at Catharine Blaine K-8 in the cafeteria, from 6 to 7:30PM.

From SDOT:

With cost estimates spanning from $190M to $420M, bridge replacement and alternative options considered in this study far exceed available Seattle Department of Transportation funds without significant outside investment from our State or Federal partners.

First, ongoing maintenance and inspections of the Magnolia Bridge continue in coordination with the Port of Seattle. We perform regular maintenance, frequent inspections and 24/hour monitoring to ensure safe use of the Magnolia Bridge. That doesn’t change.

Second, the Levy to Move Seattle funds a ten-bridge study to help us assess and manage roadway structure maintenance needs and maximize future investments. The Magnolia Planning Study was the first of the 10 assessments to be completed. The studies are a part of our effort to better understand the size of Seattle’s maintenance backlog, which requires long-term attention. We’ll be launching the Ballard Bridge Planning Study later this spring.

Lastly, we’ll continue to work with the community and elected officials to be creative in examining funding opportunities for the Magnolia Bridge. We’ll also be launching the Ballard-Interbay Regional Transportation system study pending confirmation of state funding.

For additional details about how the study was conducted and how community input was considered visit the Project Library.

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