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UPDATE- 2/19/14-Possible child luring incident this morning


2/19/14, 12:39pm

Parents are breathing a sigh of relief.

The reported attempted child luring yesterday was a misunderstanding between a parent and transportation provider that had indeed been contracted with the school.? According to the Seattle Police Blotter:

Police have made contact with the individual in this case and verified that he is a transportation provider with legitimate business at the school. Both he and his employer were very?cooperative with?police?throughout the contact and officers are confident that no crime occurred. There will be no further investigation at this point.


Police are investigating reports of an attempted child luring earlier this morning in Magnolia.? Below is the email that many Lawton parents and staff received earlier today:

Dear Lawton families and staff,
I want to share with you information on a recent event that was reported in our community. This morning, while waiting at the bus stop, a student and her mother were approached by a man in a gold mini- van. He said he was from Seattle Public Schools Transportation and had been sent to pick up the student. The mother immediately pulled out her cell phone to take pictures of the van; at this point the man sped off.? Police were notified, took a report and description and are now investigating.? Safety and Security, Transportation, and police were notified as soon as the school received the report from the student?s parents.? A picture of the van and the driver is attached on the second page of this letter.
The safety of our students is our top priority for Lawton Elementary School. You can help your children stay safe by talking to them about personal safety. Tips to discuss are walking in pairs or groups and being aware of their surroundings at all times, as well as not talking to strangers or getting into their vehicles. Having these conversations, especially with younger children, can be difficult. We encourage you to be sensitive to your child.
Dorian Manza Lawton Elementary School

More tips and information can be found on the Seattle Police Department website.

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