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When pigs fly (walk) in Magnolia


It seems Magnolia is home to all sorts of animals, peacefully coexisting… dogs, cats, tons of birds (including chickens), the odd reptile or two.? Now feral pigs? MV reader Brent writes:
Curious if I was the only one to have noticed this.
Tuesday evening (Actually Wednesday morning) @ 12:40AM I was alerted by my dogs that something was afoot outside. I then heard what I thought to be grunting followed by squealing, I had to investigate. Looking out my bedroom window, which faces 32nd Ave, I was dumbfounded to see a mother feral pig and 3 piglets in tow walking down the sidewalk. I watched them until they strode out of sight as they approached the pool parking lot across from Albertsons.
Confused, I crawled back into bed, only to be roused again by my dogs running to the back door. Apparently the pigs worked their way to the alley between our home and the elementary school playground and headed North.
Has anyone else seen these pigs? Are they living in Discovery Park, or perhaps some unkempt yard in the neighborhood? Or is this some un-documented species of pig that is indigenous to Magnolia?
All right, neighbors…?get to work.? Please send your photos.

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  1. Two weekends ago we set up a tent in the backyard for a close to home camping adventure. In the middle of the night we were awoken by squealing, snorting, and shuffling stampeding feet.

    It was dark, so we couldn’t tell what the animals were. Oddly, we thought it sounded like pigs, but didn’t think that was an option!!

    No sign of them since.

    We live closer to Discovery Park, 34th & Emerson.

    You’re helping solve a mystery, kudos! I hope your post gets many comments.


  2. Many a time after drinking all night at The Blue Collar, I used to have similar visions…….

  3. Yike, in my front yard – I should heard them. No wonder the cat was having fits in the window…

  4. There is a stone Mason in Magnolia with a female pot belly pig (Orca Man) could it be his on the loose?

    1. Is Orca Man still in Magnolia? He used to live down the street from us near 35th and Raye (and I saw his pig briefly once). However he moved from that house at least 3 years ago, it’s been sold twice since then.

      1. There is a vehicle with “ORCA MAN” for a license plate that lives on W Ruffner St……

  5. My business is across from the pool and alley, and Elisa Jaffe and her camera guy came in the store this morning and asked if I had seen feral pigs. In Magnolia?! I thought they were punking me, but they said no. Then I wondered if her editor was punking her? We had no sighting to report, but our rockery WAS ripped apart in the middle of the night. Something rooted out the honeycomb of a recently eradicated bees’ nest. We assumed it was raccoons, but now? Hmmm…could it be the pigs? A Magnolia mystery!

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