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A note from Metro


Dear Metro customer,

It?s been two weeks of commutes since we made major changes to Metro Transit service, and while things are going more smoothly for many, we still are working on several problems identified by our customers.

We?ve taken steps to address crowding on some routes, and are monitoring reports of missed stops on other routes. We also are working with bus drivers to make things go more smoothly on every trip ? including directing riders to consistently exit at the back of the bus when able and encouraging riders to move to the back so passengers aren?t left at the curb.

We?re taking these steps in part because you reported them. While we may not be able to address every concern, we do consider all feedback and potential solutions as we work to serve as many riders as we can with the best system we can. Your feedback is appreciated and valued.

Thanks for riding Metro Transit and for your patience during this unusual period of transition for so many.

Kevin Desmond, Metro Transit General Manager

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  1. I commute on Metro every weekday, and I have YET to see ONE driver tell customers to exit at the back of the bus. Even at busy downtown stops we still have to wait for passengers to exit the front of the bus before we can begin loading.

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