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Thorndyke car prowls


MV reader Jessica writes
I live on the 2600 block of 21st Ave W. off of Thorndyke, right at the top of the?hill from the Terminal 91 Bike Path and on Saturday night (4/14) four or five cars got burglarized outside of my apartment complex. Happened sometime after midnight and the perpetrator(s) smashed windows to get in. Not sure what all was stolen, but one neighbor advised that they had taken some tools. When I arrived at my apartment at around 11pm there was a skinny, grungy man with a black hooded sweatshirt and backpack slowly walking down the street that my boyfriend commented on saying, “what is this guy doing? he looks like he’s trying to break into cars”… but I didn’t read much into it cause it’s not uncommon to see transients walking down to the?bike path/train tracks that late at night. Not sure if that guy had any hand in what happened or if it was just complete irony – but just a reminder not to leave anything in plain view in your car and to trust your gut!

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  1. I posted a few weeks ago about car windows being smashed on Govt. Way. I also filed a police report, asking for increased police nighttime drive-bys in the area. I received no response and see no evidence of police activity or interest.

    Brooke, on Govt. Way

  2. My car window was smashed and my car vandalized on Tuesday night at the 2500 block of West Bertona. Noticed a women standing down the block whose car had also been broken into the same night. She said that her car had also been vandalized and was surprised no on heard the alarm. HAs anyone else,s car been broken into?c

  3. My car window was smashed on Eastmont near McGraw the Friday before Easter in broad daylight. ? It was the rear window, though, and it didn’t appear like they tried to take anything.? (There wasn’t anything to take.)

  4. The back window of my vehicle was one of the five hit as well.? I filed a police report and he dusted for fingerprints, but nothing was found.? This is the second time my vehicle has been burglarized on this street in a matter of weeks.? Take the advice and don’t leave anything in plain view or anything of value at all.

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