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Interbay Golf Center to use softer, safer balls


Even though the nets around the links at Interbay Golf Center soar well above the busy lanes along 15th Avenue West, duffers were still whacking balls onto the street. Balls were also flying onto the neighboring Interbay Playfields soccer facility.

So Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, which owns and operates the facility, will let golfers use only Srixon range balls that fly lower than the limited flight balls.

The city had temporarily restricted the use of wood clubs, but now any club can be used.

?It?s a lighter ball,? said Interbay employee Will VanCuren. ?The ball will feel better coming off the face of the club where you?ll get that almost buttery feeling.? VanCuren added that while ball flight will be shorter, the spin rate on hooks and slices are comparable to other balls. VanCuren said customers have yet to complain.

The golf center is now offering a two-for-one bucket of balls deal until Dec. 31.

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