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Car thefts/prowls in Magnolia


The holidays may be upon us but so is car theft and prowls in Magnolia. There was a car prowl at the 2300 block of West Newton Street on Nov. 18; a car prowl at the 3800 block of Discovery Park Boulevard and another at the 2800 block of Thorndyke Ave. W., on Nov. 21. Yet another prowl at the 2600 block of 22nd Ave. W. on Nov. 22. But Magnolia is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, according to Seattle Police statistics. In the space of one day in November, there were only five minor incidents in Magnolia compared to dozens in Pioneer Square and Belltown.

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    1. The section of W Government Way that extends from from 36th Ave W through Discovery Park was renamed Discovery Park Blvd recently.

  1. Found that by leaving a box of adult diapers in the back seat it sends the signal …. “old, unhip, no iGizmos”. Have found nose and finger prints on my windows but so far no broken glass or scratches around door/lock.?

    And if you want more realism….just take out one of the diapers and apply chunky peanut butter to suit.

  2. Magnolia is full of meth users and I agree no one reports it and the landlords dont run background checks on the people they rent to. There is one female that lives there in the 2600 block of Thorndyke that has a 40+ page of dealing and making meth out of Oregon and now she is in our state and no one cares. Its sad because this use to be the place to live

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